The New & Improved Useful Idiot’s Guide For Exposing Development & Peace

Eleven Complex Steps Simplified

1. Go to D&P’s website by clicking this link here.

2. Click on “International Programs” on the sidebar.

3. Click on “Africa” on the sidebar.

4. Locate one of D&P’s partners…say, the one listed under Sierre Leone, Network Movement for Justice and Development (website for your reference here).

5. Open another Browser Window.

6. Go to Google.

7. Copy the name, “Network Movement for Justice and Development” and insert it into the search field.

8. Add the phrase “reproductive rights” at the end of the above group’s name.

9.  Click the “Search” Button

10. Click on the first result.  It should read the following:

Partners: Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD

NETWORK MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT (NMJD) Fair justice and human rights system operating and being accessed by communities in the pilot chiefdoms in Pujehun, Youth practicing safe reproductive health methods

11. Cursor down to the Chart to Section 4, “Youth Empowerment”.  Note the text concerning “reproductive health methods” which is a euphemism for contraception and abortion.

4   – Youth Empowerment – Youth practicing safe reproductive methods. (Source)

Time Taken:  90 seconds.



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