Speaking When They Should Be Silent

The Catholic bishops and other church leaders are just another liberal pressure group. The Parliamentary opposition parties, plus the Greens, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Council of Refugees and others have all opposed C-49, too.

There is no lack of compassion in the Tories’ proposed law. Every country has a right to balance its national security against demands for open immigration. And it has an obligation to preserve the value of its citizenship against those who would acquire one of its passports by making up false dangers or leaving immediately once they have been given citizenship.

In their letter to Mr. Kenney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the bishops insisted “References by representatives of your government to ‘bogus’ refugee claimants undermine Canada’s obligations to refugee protection and question the credibility of refugees fleeing persecution and seeking to have their rights recognized. They also foster hostility towards refugees and fuel xenophobia in general.”

No they don’t. This is just another liberal attempt to secure their favoured policy outcome by defining away all opposition. There truly are “bogus” refugee claims and saying so in no way undermines our international obligations. However, if you are a liberal and your goal is to make our porous refugee system even more so, if you can insist no one admit there are problems (and imply that all those who believe otherwise are bigots), you can win the debate before it has begun.

Kenney fired back that the bishops’ letter  reflected “a long tradition of ideological bureaucrats who work for the bishops’ conference producing political letters signed by pastors who may not have specialized knowledge in certain areas of policy.” Frankly, I think that’s generous: I suspect the Catholic bishops are more than happy with the issues as raised. Whatever the truth of the matter, though, Jason Kenney is a brave man for taking on the bishops. It takes courage to stand up to members of Canada’s liberal establishment. (Source)

I agree.   Good for you, Jason.

Like most things these days, the bishops speak too much when they should be silent, and lift not a finger when they should be pounding.  How typical.

One thought on “Speaking When They Should Be Silent

  1. Right you are about the majority of so-called Catholic and other so-called Christian Bishops, pastors and believers. The majority of all these Nicolaitans help elect the enemies of Christ to pass Bills into law in our Legislatures and Parliament, and force many out of the Church into agnosticism by their actions and false piety. Those of us who have spent ourselves to make Canada better through politics where Bills are passed into law have witnessed this first hand. When we rallied concerned citizens of Canada in 2008 to raise the age of sex consent to protest the legal exploitation of Canadian Children ; the bulk of these so-called Christian leaders would not help us; and with the help of Social Conservative web sites and volunteers who sacrificed their time and money we did it, while most so-called pastors, priests and bishops locked themselves in rooms for forty hours a week to produce five minute liberal sermons, but could not give us any of their valuable time. In times like these the true believers of Christ who know Him, must take Saint Peter’s advice and become a Holy Nation , a Royal Priesthood, a people of God’s own possession that “you” may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. The False Bishops and pastors can jump up and down on stacks of Bibles proclaiming their beliefs while helping Christs enemies, but what kind of people do they actually fool? Nicolaitans!
    When The late professor Tom Landers and fellow volunteers were gathering help from concerned citizens of Canada to raise the age of sex consent many people who helped us were agnostics, former believers driven out of the church by Nicolaitans. What does Jesus say about Nicolaitans? Politics is simply a reflection of culture. In a democracy the people are accountable and answerable for the laws of the land. Please get involved for Christs sake.

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