Speaking of sex

What a very lame and “reasonable” article.

The skids have long been greased.  We are dealing with sexual autocrats who want to pervert our children.  The fact that the Catholic Register is so clueless just shows how ridiculous and irrelevant this sort of Catholic journalism is.

Instead of putting Wynne’s attempt on the rack, they give her position too much respect.

Does anyone really believe that Kathleen is looking to develop the sex-ed program from input from parents?  C’mon.  Get real!  The sexologists have already developed the program. It’s just a matter of when they will implement it.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of sex

  1. The comments section at the end of the survey gives parents approximately 30 words to provide input. That’s about three short sentences if you’re lucky. If there was any intent to provide parents an opportunity give real feedback they wouldn’t have limited the comments section to such an absurd level. The whole thing is a farce that’s been orchestrated in order to give the impression that real consulations were done.

  2. When a perversion is legalized in Canada, and is recognized as a normal human right in marriage;then adult teachers of that persuasion and homosexual activists normalize this to innocent impressionable schoolchildren, and form clubs to recruit them into this now legalized activity. The myth being that innocent schoolchildren can only be recruited by adult school teachers and homosexual activists into this now legalized morbidity,because they were born that way!

    Our Secular Democratic Public does nothing as innocent,impressionable Canadian Children are homosexualized and perverted in schools,and this includes The Majority of the so-called Catholic Priesthood etc.!

    When in September 2005 the majority in The Canadian House of Commons voted not to raise the age of sex consent; The Majority in The Supreme Court of Canada that same December 2005 a few days before Christmas, declared consenting 14 year old’s as adults. Now sex trafficking predators and pedophiles had a legal destination to sexually exploit Canadian Children, as a human right. This happened because of the political apathy and indifference of so-called Christians.

    However Professor Tom Landers was so upset at this 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada ruling allowing legal exploitation of Canadian Children that he, and his friends politically organized groups of concerned citizens across Canada to inform their MP’s of their feelings for the rotten Bills they POLITICALLY passed into Canadian Law.

    Toms political action holding MP`s accountable for legalizing evil led in 2008 to A private members Bill being presented in The House Of Commons to POLITICALLY raise the age of sex consent , because of the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian children, as a Canadian human right, and it passed into law in Parliament by three votes raising the age of sex consent in Canada,thus legally ending the Politically and Supreme Court Of Canada legalized evil for the moment. What Tom and His friends did was against the law, but the law was rotten to the core, and needed to be changed by the righteous democratic citizens of Canada, and it was changed by them in 2008. All morbid laws can be changed by our righteous democratic citizens will.

    Stephen Harper has a majority Canadian Federal Government, and thus can change rotten Laws today and give good reasons for doing so, if he was mentored by Professor Tom Landers and our righteous friends,or gave a rip; but he and about 18 others of his Majority Party vote with the Liberals and N D P or do not vote on many Traditional family values Bills in The Canadian House Of Commons,and evil prospers because the majority of good Catholics do not hold Stephen Harper politically accountable,and do nothing.

    In a democracy the laws of the land are thus politically in the voters hands. Please don’t remain apathetic and indifferent as Canadian school children are legally perverted and mentally abused in schools by adults who ought to know better,by law as Canadian so-called neutral secular human rights and social justices.Jesus said to let the Children come to Him.In Canada until the mid 1960`s my contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord`s Prayer,led by their school teachers,because Christians did not fall for this so-called Neutral Secular Democratic non-sense.Pray and then politically help Kinsey Sex Education traumatized Kindergarteners.Blessings.

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