Spanish ‘Equality Minister’: Unborn Babies Aren’t Human

We live in an insane society.  Politicians go out in public and say the most ridiculous things with a straight face to justify the murder of innocent babies.  The Spanish “Equality Minister”, quoted below, is just the latest example.  The worst part is that nobody even flinches.  We just go about our merry little lives watching Hockey Night in Canada and CSI Miami.  Honey, could you bring me beer when you come back to the sofa?

Have you ever wondered how the German people during World War II could go along with the Holocaust without revolting?  It’s no different today, my friends.  In fact, it’s worse today because everybody knows that abortion is going on (few Germans knew the full extent of the Holocaust) and we are not under threat of violent repression if we protest (contrary to the Germans under Hitler).  Yet nobody cares.  People don’t mind being lied to.  They don’t bother taking a few seconds to think about what abortion really means.  If they do, they apparently don’t mind.  Unborn babies are the “inferior race” of our day, it would appear.

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MADRID, October 12, 2010 ( – According to Spanish Equality Minister Bibiana Aído, unborn human children are not human beings.

In response to a formal inquiry made on the subject of abortion by a Spanish parliamentarian, Aído said last week that “the Government cannot share in the affirmation that the interruption of a pregnancy is the elimination of the life of a human being.”

“Having an abortion does not suppose that a human life is terminated, because there does not exist a unanimous opinion regarding the concept of a human being … because ‘human life’ refers to a complex concept based on ideas or beliefs that are philosophical, moral, social, and ultimately, subject to opinions or personal preferences,” added Aído.

Read the rest of the LSN article here.

Baloney.  Human life is a biological and scientific matter.  Anybody who has given just 30 seconds of thought to this issue knows that an unborn baby is a live human being and that life definitely beings at conception.

Lord save us!

Give peace, Lord, to those who wait for you and your prophets will proclaim you as you deserve.  Hear the prayers of your servant and of your people Israel. (Sirach 36)

One thought on “Spanish ‘Equality Minister’: Unborn Babies Aren’t Human

  1. When people are educated that certain people are expendable, they will exterminate them, as our educated are doing now. Germany too was considered the most educated country when it selected so-called non-humans for death. In the West many lawyers with educated professionals decided to separate Christianity from Law, Government, Education and the citizens in the guise of separation of Church and State. They then set up their religion of Darwinian Humanism by court enforcement and government decree. Study the Humanist Manifesto and look at the current signatories. Henry Morgentaler is a signatory and past president of the Humanist Association of Canada. The ones who gave him The Order of Canada see no conflict of interest on their part here.
    Professor Tom Landers pointed this out to the church. To this day we don’t even hear a peep out of most of them. Please get involved in politics and support Traditionalist Politicians instead of the ones who are turning Canadians into Nazis or worse.

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