South Korea comes to a shocking realization

Seoul (AsiaNews) – After nearly two decades, the South Korean government recognizes that the country urgently needs in a new policy in favour of births. If it does not increase the birth rate, one of the lowest in the world, Korea runs the risk of losing its status as an international power. So says, the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs lining up alongside the Catholic Church…

Babies are necessary for the continuation of a society. It’s a real downer for feminists but that’s like…reality and the natural law.

Sucks to be human created in God’s image for them.¬† That’s why they try to redefine everything, but sooner or later the brave new world collapses on itself.

I guess tube sock Johnny was right after all, eh?

Get ready because the era of pushing women to be like men is going to come to a crashing halt.

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