6 thoughts on “Sotomayor’s Resentment of Catholicism Could Save Obamacare Contraception Mandate

  1. This is so true. The church must be seriously worried about all the children that were abused by priests, coming back to haunt them. They are adults now. Some of them may have powerful jobs and a good memory. Payback…it’s coming.

  2. Payback to whom, precisely? The Catholic Church teaches that such acts are heinous crimes. Why not go after the Pedophilia and Homosexual movement of which many of these priests really belong? I guess that’s not kosher for you, is it? Best to pick on an organization that abhors sexual perversion, instead of a movement and an organization that agrees with it in principle. Talk about skewed reasoning. I don’t see you complaining about the NDP who is consistently opposing lowering the age of consent.

    In the case of Sotomayor, I guess her allies aren’t too concerned about the rule of law and the separation of Church and State when it benefits them.

    Maximum hypocrites.

    • The catholic church is an organization that hides their peds/pervs. When they are discovered, they are sent off to another town to start over again.

      Catholics talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Cleam up your own organization before you complain about others.

  3. I see that you totally ignored my points above. That’s OK. There’s not too much you can say to it.

    In regards to your complaint, if you had the facts you would be more nuanced in your complaints. The problem is that homosexualist mafia in the Church is still very powerful and protects its own. Its power is slowly being eroded however, thanks to Benedict’s moves in the Church. You have no idea of this, of course, and you really don’t care.

    But as I said above, you really have no complaint against the homosexualist mafia who are responsible for this abomination. Your beef, I am pretty confident, is with the Church’s strict moral teachings — which I think you will agree with me is rather ironic considering you are complaining about the abuse of children.

    No, you just want a convenient whip (and anything will do) to attack the Church. The sexual abuse crisis by the community the Left adores (homosexualists) will do just fine. But when those same homosexualits push their perversions on society as a whole and it doesn’t involve the Catholic Church, your high level of indignation somehow dissipates into the clouds.

    That’s why you’re not serious about your complaints. You just want to express your hatey-hatred for the Catholic Church’s moral teachings. Do not presume that we don’t know what this is really about. We do. The concern for the “children” that the Left and their media allies have is a joke. Children today are *property* because of the Left’s perverse moral teachings. They are only being used by you and your friends as a convenient whipping toy to attack Jesus Christ and His Church.

    But the clean up is happening I assure you and when it does get cleaned up, I can guarantee you that you will not be satisfied, but instead be on to the next whipping toy to use against the Church. No doubt as we clean up the mess, we will hear from your side about the injustice of our purging of the predators in the Church who just happen to be homosexuals.

  4. Shorter Paycheck. Blah, blah, blah lefty blah blah blah lefty. Lefty blah blah.

    BTW I could care less about what you teach to each other.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t know you were restricted to rather complex issues to a soundbite format. Will try to accomodate the next time.

    What we “teach each other”? But that’s the whole point of what I was trying to explain to you: you’re not interested in the messy truth, but rather, likely, in masking some deep-seated neurological hatred for sexual moral restrictions which bother your conscience. And behind that hangup is probably something like trying to find real meaning to your life. Am I far from the truth?

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