Sorry, but it’s not enough.

So, it’s been over three years now since the Development & Peace scandal broke.  If you missed it, you can catch my round-up here.  I’d like to say that I’m satisfied with the progress made thus far, but the hard reality is that the progress we’ve made has been either incidental or minor. 

Now it’s true that Development & Peace has suffered a huge setback with CIDA’s recent funding cut, and it’s true the Catholic blogosphere and LifeSite News might have had a small part to play in that.  And it’s also true that we’ve had a grudging admission of the problem.  I say “grudging” because, as Archbishop Richard Smith said, the problems are with a few groups.   (A few groups?  Over four dozen is a “few”, your Grace?).  We’ve also had more bureaucracy setup by the CCCB to handle the those pesky “inquiries” which Catholics may have about Development & Peace’s perpetual pro-abort partners.

But, really, other than Archbishop Prendergast giving the boot to Fr. Arriaga (although Ottawa’s Archbishop, sad to say, still supports Development & Peace), and Bishop Mulhall’s maverick action to cutting off funding to D&P, there have been not too many successes.  In fact, the CCCB’s recent “solidarity” trip to Haiti was just another example of how either naive or obstinate they really are.  I don’t like saying this, but those are the options before us.  There’s no more pleading ignorance.  That option left the building years ago.  The Koolaid is all dried up, folks.  There’s no more to go around.

LifeSite News reported today that the Bishops have a new pastoral initiative on promoting a respect for life within the parishes.  I commend them for it, but I have to really wonder if they would be doing this if the heat had not been applied on the whole Development & Peace fiasco – a scandal which showed them and the entire Church just how woefully negligent they have been these past 40 years in dealing with this issue. 

I don’t want to be a wet blanket on this initiative which I fully support and encourage.  But I really do wonder just how committed the bishops are to the pro-life cause even now as their proverbial Titanic is sinking.  Where’s the real beef?  They’re still pumping in $15 million a year into that fraud known as “social justice” but they only flip the proverbial bone to COLF with a meagre budget of $500K.  The bishops of Canada believe that 100,000+ dead babies in Canada is worth less than “social justice”  by a factor of thirty.   It’s a national disgrace.

And as far as this initiative goes, I see a lot of delegation to the priests to preach.   Call me a cynic, but really, that’s just more passing the buck. 

“Here guys, we’ll make sure you have all the [limited] resources that you need.  Go to it! And report back to us on how you’re doing.”

It kind of makes me sick, considering how their hell-sent Winnipeg Statement put us in this spot to begin with.  It seems to me that before the Catholic bishops want to equip their priests and their teaching laity to take up this Cross which they, themselves, have helped form, it is THEY who should do the repenting and it’s THEY who should be doing the teaching, first

Lead by example, your Graces.

We want to see YOU teaching; we want YOU exhorting; we want YOU admonishing; we want YOU warning.  When was the last time – oh, in say 20 years of your Episcopacy – that you preached on contraception? Even said the word in a homily? Once, twice, thrice?  I don’t think I’ve heard that word in a homily from a Canadian bishop, ever.

For once in your lives on this issue, lead instead of following

Stop wanting to be everyone’s lollipop and take the hit for a change.

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