Sometimes it’s good to have a lousy hockey team

No, this isn't the Middle East

Fortunately for Ottawa, the Senators won’t be making the Stanley Cup finals anytime soon.

The only thing worse than an anarchist is a drunk anarchist. They’ll use any excuse to rouse a crowd into madness.

As I write this, my eyes are stinging, my is throat sore, having breathed in some sort of dispersal chemical that police deployed — in desperation, and perhaps too late. There could be some residual effect from having inhaled acrid, toxic smoke from burning cars, exploding cars, destroyed by lunatics still running crazy on the city’s downtown streets.

Blood in our streets. I saw people on the ground, bleeding. Shattered glass everywhere. Police cars set alight. Major bridges are now closed, preventing public access into the downtown core. Transit is plugged up, there’s no way out. More police and fire crews are arriving, from the suburbs, but again, it seems too late.

And as I write this, the sun has just set. Vancouver, what a disgrace.

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s good to have a lousy hockey team

  1. Anarchy is extremely relevant to this case. The vast majority of normal citizens don’t spontaneously mutate into terrorists just because their hockey team loses. Police have established that in these types of situations, anarchists are active in stimulating crowd dynamics to foster riots. We’ve seen this in many places throughout the world. Anarchists are experts and channeling drunken and angry crowds into this type of behaviour.

  2. Anarchy is a belief that government shouldn’t exist, and that humans can self-govern. Tell me, what does that have to do with this story at all? Stop pretending you know the definitions of words that you obviously have never even looked up in the dictionary. You know, just because a football player used the word “anarchy” doesn’t mean that you should assume you know what it means and then try to use it, too.

    Also, is there a reason why you haven’t replied to my questions about homosexuality yet?

  3. No need to insult me or you’ll be booted out real quick.

    One of the definitions of “anarchy” according to the Webster’s dictionary is the “absence or denial of any authority or established order”. That’s exactly what we see during any riot: shameless violation of the rule of law through the destruction of property, vandalism, fighting, assault, theft, looting, etc. The folks in the riot acted that way because they had total disregard for authority and established order.

    As for your questions on homosexuality, I don’t recall seeing them. Feel free to pose them anytime.

  4. So do you think that, when a married couple fights (albeit on a much, much smaller scale) and one or both partners start throwing things and hitting each other, that’s somehow a form of anarchy, too? Whether you like it or not, anger is, and will always be, a part of life, since it’s a normal human emotion, so I suggest you get used to it instead of acting like it’s such a shameful, horrible thing.

  5. Plus, it’s not like riots like this are happening on a daily basis, either in Canada or the US, so why not just feel grateful for that, instead of making a big deal out of the few riots that do occur?

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