Something Sick about Stephen’s Sell-Out

A good acquaintance of mine who just happens to stroll around in media circles sent me this audio clip of Harper’s sell-out on abortion.

I just can’t get over how someone with a shred of respect for democracy could ever utter this sentence:

I will use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn’t come to a vote.” – January 17, 2006, Quebec City

What business does Stephen Harper have in making such an outrageous statement? What’s the matter with a vote, Mr. Harper? Why must you step on the backs of unborn children, sell out your professed Christianity, act like a paranoid banana republic general trying desperately to cling to power, all for a short political legacy which will be remembered more for backroom deals, big spending, and incandescent light bulbs than it will be for genuine democracy or even nominal conservatism?

When you invoke “God Bless Canada”, is that just some kind of corny little lingo or do you really believe that blessing you invoke extends to His unborn creation as well?

Stephen Harper is all for democracy and populism when it suits his political ambitions. If those ambitions are impeded by little things like justice and respect for the helpless in our society, well, that’s just too damn bad. For Harper and co., unborn children are simply pawns on a chess board to be moved around. One moment, they are used as a shield to protect against his political opponents. In another moment, they are used as mere stepping stones in securing more votes.

The way this guy operates reminds me of a politician long, long ago who said:

“Sorry, Jesus, but the mob says you just gotta die.”

6 thoughts on “Something Sick about Stephen’s Sell-Out

  1. Finally, you guys are starting to smarten up. Stephen Harper is all about Stephen Harper. He’ll say anything and do anything for power: not for right; not for life; not for people; not for truth. Only for Stephen Harper. You’ve all been duped, are being duped, and looks like you will continue to be duped.
    It’s all about Deceivin’ Stephen.

  2. Deceivin’ Stephen is right. The unborn have no rights and there is no big party in the canadian political landscape that will champion their cause. Look around, there is no hope to protect our most vulnerable. Its disgusting, revolting. Stephen Harper will surely be going to hell for what he’s done.

  3. Only Jesus decides who goes to Hell. We use discernment to “judge” character, reality vs distortions,obscurity vs clarity…then decide how to act ie, inform, correct, advise, sanction.
    Sending people to hell does what?

  4. Did we have any alternative to Harper? Back in January of 2006 the only alternative was Mr.Dithers with his idea to abolish the non-withstanding clause and enshrine the abortion into the Charter. Harper was simply the lesser of the two evils. And things won’t change until the Social Conservative movement takes all the necessary steps to replace him with a pro-life leader.

  5. There is no alternative now, Leonard. But if things are too improved we have to create an environment for that alternative to develop. There was no alternative to Brian Mulrooney, either. But one soon developed.

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