Some Straight Talk from a British MEP – Right On!

Watch this video of Daniel Hannan, an English Member of the European Parliament.  He is addressing Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Here is a portion of same clip followed by an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News.  Hannity’s partisanship shows through but Hannan is just excellent.  I presently know nothing of him beyond this video, the Wikipedia, and a cursory examination of his blog.  I agree 100% with everything Mr Hannan says in these videos – every word.  I could kiss him. 

This has brought him to North American’s attention (including mine).  Below other videos of him commenting, especially as an MEP on the European Unions usurpation of power. He ends most of his speaches to the European Parliament with the Latin statement, “Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est,” or “The Lisbon Treaty must be put to a vote.”  The mandarins of the EU are systematically destroying meaningful democracy in Europe. Faceless bureaucrats in Brussels are becoming the rule-makers for all, imposing their will on all member nations and their citizenry.

Hannan asks at the European Union Parliament what is the purpose of the European Investment Bank?  XXX OOO XXX

Here he compares the EU members condescending attitude to national votes against their resolutions to China’s attitude to Tibetans.

Here he criticizes EU International law, here backfired EU policies, and the hypocrisy of EU being in favour of Tibetan self-determination but against national self-determination among its own member states.  On the EU Parliament’s inability to deal with other points of view, its dangerous departure from the rule of law, and its refusal to allow national referendums.  Bravo!  All excellent.  He is learned and courageous man in a world gone mad.

For those interested the Wikipedia entry on Daniel Hannan.

Here is his Telegraph blog.

– Fr. Elijah

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