Some Peelers More Worthy Than Others

OTTAWA (CP) – The Conservative government is set to unveil legislation aimed at keeping foreign strippers out of Canada.

Immigration Minister Diane Finley was to make the announcement in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Sources said the legislation would amend the Immigration and Refugee Act to allow the minister to instruct immigration officers to deny work permits to foreign strippers.

The Tories are casting the move as a response to the Liberals’ so-called Strippergate scandal.

“The Liberals gave blanket exemptions to foreign strippers to work in Canada,” said a senior government source.

“We’re putting an end to the Liberal Strippergate in order to prevent the exploitation of women.”

The Liberals’ former immigration minister, Judy Sgro, resigned amid accusations that she fast-tracked the immigration papers of a Romanian stripper who worked on her campaign.
The former government issued temporary work permits for 600 foreign exotic dancers before putting a stop to the practice in 2004.

“Canadians are justifiably proud of our reputation for fairness around the world,” said a Conservative staffer.

“It’s unacceptable to allow situations of exploitation that existed under the Liberals to continue.”



Let me get this straight. So it’s OK to ban foreign strippers but not domestic ones? Why would that be? I guess if you are a foreigner, stripping is considered to be an exploitation of women, but if you are a home-grown one, it’s not?

Does that make any sense?

I applaud the Conservative Government for its move, but they should have the guts to start treating our own daughters with the same respect that foreign women now have under the law.

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