Offering Social Justice A New Look, the Election, Catholic Men’s Group

#1 – Children of Paraguay – I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the foundress of a wonderful Catholic charity based in Ottawa which helps the poor children of Paraguay.  Here’s the website:

If you’re looking for a small charity that you can get involved with, this is it. No large administration costs.  Tax receipts available.  No pro-abort pimps getting any money, either.  Socon or Bust has been busy kicking the “social justice” butt for a few years, but we can’t just keep tearing down.  We need to build up. And here’s the Catholic Blogosphere and its readers’ chance to do it.  It’s time to step in and take over the “social justice” industry.

As a kick-off incentive,  I have a gift certificate for a “foursome” to a local Ottawa Golf Club that I’d be willing to part with, if any reader would like to make a donation to this Catholic Charity.  You get the gift certificate (Value: $172) AND you get a tax receipt.  Can’t beat that.  Interested readers should contact me for bids and other details.

#2 – Provincial Election – It’s that time again.  I have been approached by the Family Coalition Party to consider running…again.  If you’re interested in helping out, including obtaining signatures to put me on the ballot in Ottawa West Nepean, email me at   If you don’t care about voting for a pro-abort politician this October 6, then do nothing and it will come to pass.

#3 – Legionnaires of St. Maurice – It’s going to happen in some form.  The Holy Spirit has been at work among many men, as I found out last night. Will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Offering Social Justice A New Look, the Election, Catholic Men’s Group

  1. When people who say they are Christians are led by phonies, they bring shame to Christ’s worldview. It was the 1′st century Christians who were kicked out of Jerusalem by the Chief Priests and elders of the Institutional Church that changed the Western World. This Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation turned the Pagan World upside down. Canada once was a part of the Christian West in Government, Law, Education and society. We are fortunate to live in a democratic country where the people choose the Politicians who pass Bills into Law by majority vote. When the people surrender Christianity to Politically Correct Relativism in Government, Law, Education, and thus Culture great evil is done by court enforcement and government decree. When concerned Canadian citizens were fed up with bad Legislation and Supreme Court Law in 2008 they were united to force Parliament to raise the age of sex consent, because consenting Canadian Children were legally being sexually exploited by perverts. We organized after 2005 when the liberal governments did not raise the age of sex consent, and The Supreme Court of Canada declared consenting 14 year old’s to be as adults. We were joined by pro-life and family agnostics who were the majority of the people who helped us. The phonies masquerading as Catholics and Protestants did not help us, and were against us, because they did not believe in political involvement . The agnostics were so angry with these phonies who turn the word Christian and Christ to almost a swear word, swore not to ever go near them again, but they trusted the real Christians Tom Landers and friends who started organizing in 2005. Without the agnostics help we could not have won this Battle in The Culture War raging for the minds and soul of our Nation. Please wake up now phonies and no longer help to reduce the name of Christ to a swear word ,because of you. Are not your children and grandchildren worth fighting for in a world gone stark raving mad because of you? Please support and vote for pro-life and family politicians or run yourself and learn how to win the Culture War for Christ’s sake.

  2. I am experiencing trouble with the link to the article concerning Saint Maurice story. (I keep returning to the top of your home page.)
    The topic of men’s groups interested me considerably. I am part of one at Holy Name of Jesus church in Laval, Qc. We combie private devotion before the Blessd Sacrament, Lauds, and period of open sharing over the Sunday liturgical readings. coffee and muffins are available to boot!
    So, if you can provide with the link, I would be most grateful.

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