Some choices are more important than others

So getting back to one of my original points I made here, I think we need to highlight once again how shallow and self-serving the pro-abort side is in the matter of the unborn victims Bill currently before Parliament.

If a woman decides to abort, this decision, the pro-abort says, cannot be interfered with by the State (even though they use the State to extort my tax dollars to pay for it). It is sacrosanct. It is the sacrament of “choice”.

So, let me get this straight:

If a pro-lifer were to try and stop the exercise of this “abortion right” by physical force, the pro-aborts would be screaming for the State to intervene and imprison the “felon”.

However, if the choice is not to abort, and a pro-abort were to attempt to kill the fetus, the pro-aborts say there should be no consequence to attacking the unborn child.  There should be no consequence to someone breaching the choice of a mother to carry her child to term. None whatsoever.

So what this shows us is that some choices are more important than others for the pro-aborts.

“More important” is even a misnomer.  Choice for abortion is a million more times significant than choice for life.

Now we all know where the pro-aborts place their priorities, don’t we?

One thought on “Some choices are more important than others

  1. The maternal instinct WAS the strongest intuition in women of the western world.

    Now in many it is sexual pleasure without the responsibility of nurturing their babies.

    Where have all the people gone you ask ? They have been aborted by the millions. The numbers are heart-breaking.

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