Solution for Arab Violence Must Come From Within

With protests raging in many Arab countries, it’s good to see that some Arabs are taking a stand to try and bring sanity to the situation:

In Cairo, where calls for a mass rally Sept. 14 had raised concerns that violence would escalate in the Arab world’s most populous nation, more than 1,000 people — including members of President Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood — headed toward the U.S. embassy after Friday prayers, seeking to calm the situation.

“We will get justice for the prophet, but without blood,” Mazhar Shahine, a prominent cleric, told the crowd, referring to the made-in-America movie that sparked the protests. Protesters skirmished into the night with police, and Al Jazeera reported two died. (Source)

To me, this is the best hope for gradually rooting out the violence in the Middle East. They need the silence majority to rise up and overtake the radicals. I don’t know if this will work, but it has a better chance than any lecturing from the West.

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