Soharwardy says he will drop complaint

This changes nothing. Absolutely nothing.

1. S. 13 still exists.

2. Ezra has already been punished — $100,000 so far.

3. The kangaroo kourts and the abuse of process has cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4. There will be another victim very soon — most likely a Christian.

5. Soharwardy was going full speed ahead 2 weeks ago.  What happened since then? Ezra didn’t apologize. Nothing has changed except him looking rather totalitarian and brutish. All this shows is that you can start a complaint, financially cripple your opponent and pull out with absolutely no consequences to yourself.

6. I assume the AHRC may still proceed against Ezra even if the complaint is withdrawn.  We know the CHRC can continue on doing its thuggery even after a complaint is withdrawn.

One thought on “Soharwardy says he will drop complaint

  1. I think Ezra wishes the nasty immam hadn’t dropped his complaint. How can you take these creeps behind the woodshed ? Maybe $$ cause they apparently hate the publicity, laughter and scorn. There is another complaint there against Ezra. Ezra, I heard him on John Moore’s show today and was ever so proud of him. This ain’t over til it’s over and I believe certain immam’s and aspiring lawyers might be sorry they ever engaged two of Canada’s brightest lights, Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. Now everyone support Keith Martin’s Private Member Bill. This is Canada people, backed by hundred’s of years of laws. Get with it, speak out. Every day our freedoms get chipped away. Speak out. Stand up.

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