Socon or Bust’s “Sterility Tax” Finds Traction in Germany

Controversial plans to tax the childless are being proposed by German MPs to tackle a demographic time bomb. All adults over the age of 25 without children would be charged an extra one per cent of their income under the scheme. The tax would be halved for the first child and stopped when a second child arrived. The idea has been proposed by MPs from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Supporters argue there should be no exceptions for those unwilling or unable to have children because childless adults have more disposable income and the money is badly needed to pay for social care starting in 2040 when a third of the population will be over 60. Merkel, who does not have children, said she did not want to create a divide between childless adults and parents. The opposition Social Democrats would rather end married couples’ tax advantages if they have no children. (Source)

I said the same thing a couple of years ago.  I called it a “sterility tax”.  Got the hoots and hollers from the feminist crowd.  I guess they thought my idea was loopy.

I guess it’s not that loopy anymore, is it?

Free advice for social conservatives:  never be cowed by a feminist cow who scoffs and laughs at what you say.  If your position is grounded on the facts and eternal truth, you’ll always have the last laugh — even in this world.

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