Socon or Bust Visits The Black Madonna

I took the day off to do a mini retreat of sorts….to attend the last day of the annual Novena to St. Joseph, to visit the Black Madonna, to visit Ground Zero, and to attend the Episcopal consecration tonight of Bishop Christian Riesbeck….


Fr. Peter West from HLI invoking prayers for the protection of human life and the family, early in the morning on Parliament Hill in front of the Centennial flame.  A statue of St. Joseph whose feast day it is today is in the foreground while the Icon of the Black Madonna rests in the background.


About 50-60 hearty souls braved the frigid temperatures to turn out to pray.  The Lord is good and calls His people to pray for the conversion of our country.  We sang O Canada near the end of it.


The Faithful in procession around Parliament Hill.  Reminiscent of the old days when the towers of Jericho came falling down.   The Arc of the New Covenant, Mary the Mother of the Lord, will be our victory and consolation in these days.


After the prayers on Parliament Hill, we processed to Ground Zero at 65 Bank Street, heard some speeches and prayed.   Yours truly was honoured to have been one of the bearers of the Icon.  God calls all of us to confront the culture of darkness with the glorious light of the Gospel.


The Faithful at Ground Zero, praying the Rosary as people walked by. It was a busy morning in front of the abortuary. I have great hope that we moved hearts, and perhaps with Our Lady’s presence, saved a child from death today.

Be sure to check out the rest of the day’s itinerary for the Black Madonna here. The Consecration takes place tonight at 7:30 at the Cathedral. See you then.

One thought on “Socon or Bust Visits The Black Madonna

  1. Archbishop Prendergast gave a robust pro-life homily at the Black Madonna mass on Tuesday night. It was inspiring. He hit many great points. We could use more of this.

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