Socon or Bust To Join Truth Revolt’s Blockage of FireFox – Let the Cyberwar Begin

Pardon this interruption of your TruthRevolt experience. Mozilla recently forced its CEO, Brendan Eich, to resign over his personal support for traditional marriage. The firing followed a vicious smear campaign against Eich by dating website OKCupid, in which OKCupid blocked Mozilla users from visiting their website.  We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access TruthRevolt, given Mozilla’s crackdown on political and religious positions held by millions of Americans. To sign our petition vowing to uninstall or cease using Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla users can still click here. Going forward we urge you to consider a different web browser for accessing (Source)

Socon or Bust has decided to block access to its blog for any user who is visiting us using Mozilla’s FireFox.  Socon or Bust calls on all Catholic Bloggers and other bloggers of good will who value marriage and freedom of speech to stand against Mozilla and block them.

What You Can Do

It is important that people give Mozilla pushback–and a lot of it–because the less people suffer the consequences of this kind of behavior, the more it will be invited in the future.

You want Christians to experience a new and even worse persecution than what they’re facing now? Do nothing.

You want to fight back? Here’s what you can do . . .

1) Mozilla has a web page where you can leave feedback on its Firefox browser.


At the time of this writing, the feedback in the last day has been 93% negative, and many of the comments are withering. You can read them here.

2) You can tell them of your displeasure by social media, including:

One thought on “Socon or Bust To Join Truth Revolt’s Blockage of FireFox – Let the Cyberwar Begin

  1. I just uninstalled Firefox.

    For the first little bit I thought I couldn’t live without it, but God gave me the grace.

    We have to pull together in the culture war.

    That was a good thing John you do not now allow blog access with Firefox.

    God will bless us for it despite the apparent losses.

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