Socon or Bust To Attend Msgr. Foy’s 75th Priestly Anniversary

Socon or Bust will be travelling to St. Lawrence Martyr Church in Scarborough with three other Ottawa residents to attend the 75th Anniversary of his ordination to the Catholic Priesthood on Sat. June 7.  Msgr. Foy is turning 99 years of age this Summer!

As many of you know, Socon or Bust has been at the forefront of battling contraception since we were conceived back in 2006.  In fact, it was shortly after the Humanae Vitae Conference that this blogged was started.  Msgr Foy was a great inspiration to my colleague and I when we organized the Conference, and he was the one who authored our petition to the Bishops, asking them to retract the Winnipeg Statement.  In fact, he’s still at it!

Do you know that this Godly priest sends me Christmas cards every year?  This is a man who was shunned by his contemporaries because he was virtually the lone voice in Canada who stood clearly and unequivocally with Pope Paul VI in rejecting contraception.  Everyone else was getting promoted up the Ecclesiastical ladder, while Msgr. Foy was getting the shaft.   He is without a doubt a holy priest, prophet, and hero of the Pro-Life movement.  He’s like the old, resolute priest we used to see in the old ‘flicks, who was faithful to the end of the road — the kind of priest that they use to make in abundant numbers, and please God, they will make them again!

I really do believe that God has kept his holy servant alive all of this time so he could be a constant reminder and ‘stone in the shoe’ to the Canadian hierarchy that we have some unfinished business to addressTo look at Msgr. Foy is to gaze on a sign from God of His love and encouragement to those who remained faithful to the teachings of the Church on human sexuality.

Here at Socon or Bust, we only praise priests and lay people who are worthy of honour and fidelity to the Church’s teachings.  If you want indiscriminate praise for those whose writings attack the Church’s solemn teachings, you’ll have to go to other “Stations of Hope” and Ecclesiastical places.  Socon or Bust is a firm believer in the value of words and not their cheapening.

God Bless this priest.  His reward, no doubt, will be great in heaven.

Check out his blog here.

Msgr. Foy was pro-life before there was pro-life.


One thought on “Socon or Bust To Attend Msgr. Foy’s 75th Priestly Anniversary

  1. Hmmm…I am THIS close to joining you at the celebration. I just need a little more convincing to make the 4km trek to & from the bank tomorrow so I have my bus fare. (Why is this amazing man’s anniversary and the thought of my only fully Latin Mass in 4 months not enough? :P)

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