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From time to time, Socon or Bust stumbles across a story whose facts are hidden or not well known.  When such a story has significance to social conservatives and the principles of social conservatism, Socon or Bust  invests time and resources into researching and reporting on the relevant facts of the story.   In most cases, it involves uncovering and revealing  explosive evidence and providing the correct context so that our readers may make an informed judgement. 

Typically, the story involves an organization that has either abandoned its original purpose or mandate and is involved in carrying out objectives which are completely contrary to their founding principles, or the organization has become ethically challenged, engaging in immoral practices. 

The Special Investigations Unit of Socon or Bust therefore exists to ferret out these scandals so that our readers and all social conservatives can mobilize and take action to correct the abuse.

If you’ve unexpectedly discovered some disturbing facts about a group or organization, but you don’t know what to do about it, contact us and we’ll dispatch the Unit to conduct an investigation.



Rock vs. Scissors: Benedict Against the Petty Media
Early in 2010, the New York Times ran a hit piece against Pope Benedict, trying to implicate Joseph Ratzinger in the American sex scandal when he served as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  The article in question sought to charge then-Cardinal Ratzinger in failing to remove a predator-priest, even thought it was not the Cardinal’s responsibility to so.  The salacious, false, and shoddy journalism led to widespread condemnation and outrage on the internet.  Not to be outdone in gutter journalism, the Associated Press tried the same tactic with a disgraceful article of their own.

 Socon or Bust was there to rebut the charges and cover all of the fallout

Click here to read the investigation’s reports. 


The Proportionalism of Fr. Michael Prieur
Fr. Michael Prieur has been a stalwart defender of the Winnipeg Statement, the pastoral document issued by the Canadian bishops shortly after the release of Pope Paul VI’s monumental encyclical Humanae Vitae which rejected contraception as a form of birth control.   Despite repeated requests for Fr. Prieur to recant his position by faithful Catholics including the ever vigilant Msgr. Vincent Foy, Fr. Prieur refuses to do so and continues to maintain that the Winnipeg Statement, which told Canadian Catholics that they could contracept “in good conscience”, is consistent with Church teaching.  In addition to this scandalous position, LifeSiteNews broke the 2008 story of the fetal euthanasia policy of St. Joseph’s hospital where Fr. Prieur serves as chief ethicist.  After it was revealed that early inductions of babies with “lethal anomalies” was being conducted to hasten their deaths, a subsequent controversy ensued which necessitated a further investigation by the Diocese of London.  The final instalment of Fr. Prieur’s troubling moral positions involves his approval of the use of embroyonic stem cell lines, derived from destroyed IVF embryos.  Click here to read the investigation’s reports. 

Confuse A Family Plan
In this instalment of Socon or Bust Investigative reports, we examine the facts about a story which involves a Catholic charitable organization, Save A Family Plan.  An ostensibly Catholic organization, it has been engaging in an initiative called “gender mainstreaming” which is also used by CIDA, secular NGOs, and the U.N. to advance the anti-family agenda.  Since this charity’s board of directors is staffed with priests and nuns, the Canadian Church is demonstrating a profound lack of awareness to the current culture war.  And it shows, once again, that the Canadian clergy and episcopacy is in desperate need of a re-orientation towards a pro-life perspective. Click here to read the investigation’s reports.

Inviting Dissent: The Gaillardetz Visit 
At their annual plenary assembly held in Cornwall, Ontario between October 19-23, 2009, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) – amid a firestorm of controversies including the Development & PeaceAbortion Scandal and the charge against Bishop Raymond Lahey for possession of child pornography – invited dissenting theologian Richard Gaillardetz, a professor at the University of Toledo, to address them at the Plenary Assembly.  Gaillardetz is noteworthy for his dissent on a number of core Catholic issues, most notably on contraception and the infallible status of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, John Paul II’s apostolic letter which infallibly declared that women could not be ordained to the priesthood.  Socon or Bust’s Investigative report prompted the CCCB to seek a response from Gaillardetz.  Gaillardetz’s letter to the CCCB precipitated a number of exchanges and blog entries on the subject of his problematic positions, and whether it was appropriate for the CCCB to invite a noted dissenter to address them at their Plenary Assembly. Click here to read the investigation’s reports.

   Development & Peace Abortion Scandal: The Never Ending Saga 
For forty years, Development & Peace, the official aid agency of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, has been engaged in suspect activity in promoting various Marxist and liberation theology-type projects.  An initial interview with a spokesman from D&P by LifeSiteNews led to further investigations into the funding practices of this organization which resulted in the uncovering of the biggest abortion scandal ever to rock the Catholic Church in Canada.  The overwhelming evidence revealed that D&P was funding at least 40 pro-abortion, anti-family groups in 20 countries on 3 continents. Socon or Bust engaged in exposing the outrageous conduct of D&P as well as applying pressure to Church leadership to address the scandal, and to substantially reform the organization which was using the Catholic donations to advance the culture of death.  Click here to read the investigation’s reports.

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Jackbooting Us Into Submission
The Canadian Human Rights Commission was established in 1978 to address so-called human right violations against Canadians who would otherwise not be able to address their grievances in a court of law. While the objectives of the legislation establishing the Commission may have been noble, there are serious deficiencies in how the commission works. In the extrajudicial courts of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions (federal and provincial), the complainant’s expenses are paid for by the state, but the defendant must pay for his own defence while the rules of evidence, normal in the regular courts, do not apply. Costs of appeal to regular courts must also be borne by the defendant. Over the past number of years, conservatives and Christians, in particular, who hold critical views of the current politically correct opinions, have lost their cases before the tribunal hearings. For instance, in nearly every case in Canada brought against conservatives and Christians, the tribunals have found in the complainant’s favour. The CHRC and its provincial counterparts are being used as a political tool of the Left to squash freedom of speech and extort financial penalties against those who dare question the depraved political and social dogmas of contemporary western culture. Socon or Bust played a key part in exposing this corrupt government body and subjecting it to public scrutiny. Click here to read the investigation’s reports.  [Other Star Chamber Reports can be read here.]

Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada:  Not Just Tea & Biscuits
The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) was originally established to further unity among Christian women and to co-operate with one another in advancing common Gospel values. Since the 60s, however, the organization, like many Church groups, has completely lost its original mandate and actually works against the values of the Gospel by promoting the objectives of radical feminism.   The group spans across Christian denominational boundaries and includes women from most of the mainstream denominations including, not surprisingly, the Catholic Church.   Acting on a tip from a reader, Socon or Bust conducted a preliminary investigation into this group where it was discovered that Catholic parishes have been involved in hosting events sponsored by this group.  In addition to using Church property, this group has been responsible for collecting money from unsuspecting Catholics to fund their radical feminist agenda. Click here to read the investigation’s reports. 

 Liberals Politicize the Eucharist; Scandalize Real Catholics
In a cheap display of political opportunism, the main stream media and Liberal Party operatives manufactured a story about the Prime Minister of Canada “pocketing” the Eucharist during a Funeral Service of a former Governor General.  Refusing to keep their political savagery for the secular sphere and holding nothing as sacred – whether it be the most sacred element in Catholicism or the remains of a baptized Catholic who served this country as its Head of State – the pundits and the politicians  chose to pounce on an imprudent but honest mistake of the Prime Minister.  But instead of creating the embarrassing scandal they had hoped for, they badly miscalculated the reaction of Catholics and the story backfired on them. Click here to read the investigation’s reports. 

5 thoughts on “Socon or Bust Special Investigative Reports

  1. These are the letters we sent as well as put the names of the liberal minded MP’s of all the Political Parties who kept the age of sex consent 14 in Canada on our web sites. It is 12 in some countries in Europe. Professor Tom Landers worked very hard as well. Although we wanted the age of consent higher it is now 16 in Canada, because of the hard work done when Social Conservatives Unite.


    With the liberal laws our elected liberal-minded politicians and unelected judges have passed our country has slid into the sewer.

    Our public schools and universities are now teaching that unhealthy lifestyles are healthy and normal recruiting students into so-called Social Justice Clubs, and our 14 year olds can be legally exploited by pedophiles thanks to BILLS PASSED BY our liberal-minded governments, MPs, MLAs,and judges, who have been taught this in our liberal-minded Darwinian Humanist Atheist public schools, and universities. The facts are very clear!



    A few of The so-called neo-conservatives in the Conservative Party voted with the LIberal-minded politicians of the liberal Parties. (You know the ones who give millions of our money to corrupt causes.)


    Now most of our citizens have almost totally accepted the morally impoverished viewpoints of Darwinian Humanist Atheism. After all we all go to schools and universities where we are programmed to become hard wired liberals! Thus Canada is now part of Pagandom.

    We need to turn this situation around by looking at the consequences of this Darwinian humanist mind-set that has been imposed on our children and citizens by Liberal-minded Education Establishments, Media, Governments, Attorneys General, HRC’s and Judges.

    Our only hope to save Canada from total Liberalism is for SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES TO UNITE and the liberal-minded to choose to change their minds and join us, as some have already done.

    Although we wanted the age of consent higher in Canada it is now 16, but it only passed by three votes and if Social Conservatives Unite many more good things can happed.

  2. When Social Conservatives come together and we hold our political leaders accountable to pass Bills that help our children from those who would harm them good things happen. We are in a culture war with pagandom who want to mold minds through their religion and teach only the creation story of Darwinian Humanist Atheism. They don’t have the right to invoke a self-serving rule that says only Darwinian explanations can be considered science. Scientists should be allowed to fallow the evidence wherever it leads even though it makes some people uncomfortable. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report 85 percent of AIDS in Canada is in Males who have sex with Males. There are those who are asking our court to put a stop to the printing of this report. They want to stop the truth about homosexuality from this report being used in research papers.

  3. This is an example of what our Darwinian Humanist Atheist universities teach. The textbook, THE ELEMENTS OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY, the question of Homosexuality? If it could be shown that in pursuing their way of life homosexuals pose some sort of threat to the rest of society, that would be a powerful argument for the other side. And in fact, people who share Falwell’s view…(goes on and on to mock us with the stupidest arguments imaginable). When what they are teaching is proven a lie they plug their ears and name call. This ought to be shocking to most people, but many in our universities are educated to be selectively stupid. I had a couple of catholic professors who were not scared of the majority of the selectively stupid textbook writers , and professors. But most are. Why would our selectively stupid want to stop the printing of the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS in Canada Surveillance Report? They hate the truth and want to brainwash the rest of our civilization to do the same. This report ought to continue to be printed and used in research papers to prove our universities are covering up the facts.

  4. Sarah we have to stay engaged in this culture war with Pagandom if we are to win it for our children, and their future. John Pacheco, and this website, LifeSiteNews, Surrey-Delta Prolife, Real Women, BC Parents and teachers for life, Focus On The Family, Professor Tom Landers and many concerned citizens helped. Wouldn’t it be great if most from our church came on board. I am still waiting. Blessings Sarah.

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