Socon or Bust Reader’s Letter to Tony Clement

I was distressed to learn that CIDA recently approved a $50 Million funding request from Development and Peace.

Your gov’t made a serious commitment to financial restraint, Tony. The recent news from Greece, now Italy, United States and elsewhere are reason enough for Canada to get its act together. Prime Minister Harper also made a worthy commitment to promoting maternal health globally, and not getting involved in the abortion issue. This is the second time this Fall where the gov’t is sending millions of  dollars overseas to support abortion related causes. It is frustrating, morally-corrupt, and far from what I expected from my much-loved Conservative gov’t, Tony.

Development and Peace, at first glance, seems to be a poster child for Catholic global aid. However, there is much documented evidence that they are supporting 52 pro-choice groups around the world ( and
( So, not only is Development and Peace actively working against the tenets of the Catholic Church, they are also at odds with the promises of the prime minister. Canadian Catholics are exceedingly mortified by the news. In April of 2011, Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa cancelled a Development and Peace speaker with 24 hours notice when it was learned that Fr. Luis Arriaga’s organization was supporting groups in favour of abortion rights in Mexico. The premier Catholic newspaper in Canada, the Catholic Register, had several articles castigating Development and Peace at that time .(

There are worthy Catholic organizations, Tony. Most are run by heroic men and women, at great personal expense, and with very little overhead. Development and Peace is a bureaucratic can of worms, self-serving and with a global agenda that promotes abortion in the Third World countries. It is a tragedy that the gov’t has stepped, perhaps unknowingly, into this quagmire.

Tony, I would love to talk to you about this situation. It is a weighty matter to me personally, and sends a terrible message to Canadians and Catholics alike.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Tony.


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