Socon or Bust reader reacts to Rosica’s Toronto Star interview

I have been an S+L fan for many yrs – I have subscribed to them and EWTN on Bell Expressvu. Sadly, EWTN is being cancelled by Bell (probably for some nefarious reason). (BTW, we are moving ALL our services away from Bell so we can continue to get EWTN)
I have been having increasing problems with S+L over the last while though. There was an open dispute with Lifesitenews a year ago. Sadly, Fr Rosica has decided to re-open that dispute by using The Toronto (Red) Star (see their “Atkinson Principles”) to attack what he called Taliban Catholics.  To have The Star (pro-abortion, pro-SSM, etc) praise S+L is not a good sign in my books; it probably means that S+L has become to friendly with the world. Father Rosica seems quite proud of their support as you can see from the letter below.
In addition, S+L had a webcast this week with Fr Rosica and a Rabbi (great!) and an Imam. Given that Islam can’t even get basic facts straight on which son Abraham offered to the Father (they mistakenly believe it to be Ishmael and celebrate Eid around that belief), I doubt there is anything to be learned from them. The webcast looked like a VisionTV show!
As well, last yr before the G20 summit, they covered a World Religions Summit in Winnipeg and were most complimetary of Jim Wallis (of Sojourners, a George Soros backed organization) When I pointed out the problems with Wallis, they continued to have no problems with him and put Wallis and Fr Sirico of the Acton Institute as two equally valid voices in the area of Catholic Economics!
I have loved many S+L documentaries and own several of their DVDs. I also realize the benefits of having a Catholic TV presence offering Daily Mass etc on TV.
However, my prudential judgement is that my family can no longer financially support them and I will be giving my money instead to LifesiteNews in order to help them defend themselves against “Father” Gravel. I realize that others may come to opposite decisions, but I thought I would share my reasoning and concerns
– Socon or Bust Reader

Socon or Bust will be providing a full commentary on the article in question shortly.

2 thoughts on “Socon or Bust reader reacts to Rosica’s Toronto Star interview

  1. I read the red Star’s article about Fr. Rosica [edit]. The article states that people objected to Kennedy having a funeral, not quite. It was that we objected to him having a public funeral as it made the Church look like (and did) support what Kennedy stood for.

    As well, the Father stated that ““We uphold the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and respectfully differ with those who do not share our views.”

    Notice the word “respectfully”? Let’s look at the sentence just before the “respecfully differ”.

    “There’s a certain form of Taliban Catholicism out there right now that would like to dictate everything and, really, it doesn’t speak to the future.”

    “Taliban Catholicism”. That sure don’t sound like respecfully differing now does it? Of course not.

    Then he goes on saying that, ““There are many people who claim to be Catholic and faithful to Christ and the Church,” Rosica said. “They know little of Christian behaviour.”

    This guy is sure a walking contradiction. Lastly, he states he watches the CBC. The clincher.

  2. I also have left Bell Expressvu over their dumping of EWTN. I am aware of others who have left Ma Bell over this very issue, and trust that Bell will feel some negative economic impact from this perverse decision. (Apparently, EWTN has far more subscribers than S+L). Perhaps Socon or Bust might do a little survey by inviting those who have moved away from Bell for this reason to write in.

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