Socon or Bust Reader on BBC to talk about the Riots…Nails It

John through an unlikely series of events BBC West Midlands radio 95.6 FM Birmingham had me on for 20 minutes, straddling a news break in the 3am hour last night.

If you’d like to hear I preserved it here:

“A Social Worker Cannot Replace Mom and Dad.”  –> Bingo.

2 thoughts on “Socon or Bust Reader on BBC to talk about the Riots…Nails It

  1. Since the so-called Civil Liberties Associations took out Christianity from Government, Education, Law and thus meaningful Western Culture in the guise of separation of church and state, all hell has broken out. In a Christian democracy and Western Civilization this ought to have been understood. Politically Correct Relativism by establishment has bent the minds of many. They now start this in Kindergarten. Remember that at Nuremberg the Nazi’s said that they did nothing wrong, because their Supreme Court made over 400 laws justifying the holocaust.

  2. John another point I found myself making was that no amount of money can buy a nation or a world peace. Peace can only be fashioned inside a healthy family.

    I would add to that, since the purpose of government is protection of innocents, governments have a duty in any number of dimensions, to foster and encourage healthy families.

    Look what keeps happening to AIDS infection rates when African countries’ governments promote abstinence. What might happen if governments spent money promoting as normative and desirable, dads married to a mom with kids they love and care for in every most important way. Would that normalize the idea? What other ideas has it normalized?

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