Socon or Bust Pics from the March for Life

Ottawa’s own Archbishop Prendergast getting ready to be interviewed by EWTN’s Fr. Mark Mary and Canada’s own Kathleen Dunn of Dunn Media.  EWTN showed up to cover the March for the first time ever, while lesser known Canadian Catholic Media Networks took a pass once again.

After the March, some students whooping it up to some lively music.  Youth enthusiasm gives the March for Life that extra zing every year.

Sun News Network’s own Brian Lilley sharing his perspective in covering pro-life issues within a bastion of liberal media in this country. I’m sure he’s going to be up there with the martyrs of the Church one day, for all that he has had to endure in that industry.

Marchers heading home to the Hill after a lively March.  We made our voices heard for those who have no voice in our political system.


Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk showed up too, to lend support to the March.  They figured they would show up just in case the angry pro-abort protesters got just a little bit too agitated.  Next stop will be to ensure Kermit Gosnell doesn’t escape from jail.  Hulk smash abortion!

Passing by Morgentaler’s abortion mill where lives are ended and lives are ruined.   Security guards present…’cause you know, pro-lifers are so violent….right…….

Center Pic of the Crowd on Parliament Hill.


Heading towards the Streets.  The cops held back about 2,000 people.  The reason is yet unclear.  I am sure it won’t stop the CBC from reporting that 20 people showed up.


Backside shot of EWTN interviewing Cardinal Collins from Toronto.  Cardinal Collins became visibly upset after the interview because Fr. Mark refused to tell him where he got that stylin’ hat.


Front shot of the interview.  Must be hot in that robe.  Suck it up and take one for the team!

Some media covering the speakers.  Wonder if we’ll get a fair shake this year.

MP Mark Warawa gives a prime ministerial wave to the crowd. A real hero for the unborn and for free speech.  Harper’s muzzle has been restrained…at least for a time.


Shots of the crowd…moving from East to West…..too big to get on one camera shot.  The technology simply does not allow for it!




CBC showed up.  Don’t expect much from them, however. They are very economical with the truth. That’s the only thing they are economical with.

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