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Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada:  Not Just Tea  &  Biscuits
The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) was originally established to further unity among Christian women and to co-operate with one another in advancing common Gospel values. Since the 60s, however, the organization, like many Church groups, has completely lost its original mandate and actually works against the values of the Gospel by promoting the objectives of radical feminism.   The group spans across Christian denominational boundaries and includes women from most of the mainstream denominations including, not surprisingly, the Catholic Church.   Acting on a tip from a reader, Socon or Bust conducted a preliminary investigation into this group where it was discovered that Catholic parishes have been involved in hosting events sponsored by this group.  In addition to using Church property, this group has been responsible for collecting money from unsuspecting Catholics to fund their radical feminist agenda. Click here to read the investigation’s reports.

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  1. Fertility in 83 countries representing 44 percent of the world’s population has fallen below replacement levels, in the developed countries, the net reproduction rate is 0.7 and dropping, which means that the next generation will be only 70 percent as large as this one. As more women are forced into the work-place so their families can eat the fertility rate is dropping even more quickly still. As the population ages the ratio of workers to non-workers plunges, and the pressure to kill older people legally becomes even greater.

    Having decided human embryos are merely material for research purposes, we find it impossible to resist so viewing other human beings. Having harvested dying babies for their organs, we will begin to harvest dying adults like they do in China. Who do you suppose is buying these from the Chinese?

    Biotechnology companies have already blended the ova of humans and pigs. Who would have guessed in 1963 that within a decade, abortion would be normalized ,within three decades homosexuality would be normalized by court enforcement, government decree and taught to public school children as a healthy alternative and within three and a half decades, biotechnology would be crossing livestock with human beings? Politically Correct Relativism has so permeated The Institutional Church that people trained there don’t know the difference between Christianity and Politically Correct Relativism. We know that their still are a few exceptions. This is what happens when citizens in Christian countries allow their worldview to shift in government, education, law and thus society from Christianity to Politically Correct Relativism by decree politically . There is a Culture War raging in the Western World for the minds and souls of future generations. Isn’t it strange that the edifices who say they belong to Jesus actually don’t, because they promote Relativism.

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