“Fee Speech” Fundraiser For Arrested Carleton Students – LAST CALL FOR THE CAMPAIGN!

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Who’s gonna fight for what’s right?

Who’s gonna help us survive?

We’re in the fight of our lives

And we’re not ready to die

Who’s gonna fight for the weak?

Who’s gonna make ‘em believe?

I’ve got a hero, I’ve got a hero

Living in me

I’m gonna fight for what’s right

Today I’m speaking my mind

And if it kills me tonight

I will be ready to die A hero’s not afraid to give his life

A hero’s gonna save me just in time

  • Thank you everyone! Goal has been surpassed and we raised $3,000!

    Further donations can be forwarded here:

    #1: Donate specifically to legal fees:

    Cheque payable to: Carleton Students Defense Fund


    Vincent Dagenais Gibson LLP/s.r.l.

    325 Dalhousie Street, Suite 600

    Ottawa, Ontario

    K1N 7G2

    Or: Donate online @ www.standwithcarleton.com

    * Please ensure to C/O Albertos Polizogopolous (Lifeline’s lawyer) on all envelopes and in the MEMO section of all cheques

    * Please be aware that charitable tax receipts cannot be issued as Vincent Dagenais Gibson is not a registered charity. If it is necessary for you to receive a charitable tax receipt or your organization requires it, please email: carletonlifeline@gmail.com

    #2: Donate to Carleton Lifeline for future campus projects

    If you would like to support Carleton Lifeline in future educational projects on Campus, please donate specifically to Carleton Lifeline:

    Cheque payable to: Carleton Lifeline

    Address: Please email carletonlifeline@gmail.com for mailing address

    News/Commentary Update:

    • C’mon everyone! Last day for da’ telethon. Let’s go out with a bang! Who’s gonna be the guy/gal who puts us over $3000? Who is it going to be?
    • $2500. That’s about the cost of D&P’s advertising campaign to ban water bottles. Sure is great to know we Catholics have our priorities straight.
    • Mob Rule on Campus
    • $10 Can Save A University
    • Can You Help Pro-Life Students Who Have Been Arrested?
    • Has your parish priest or bishop given a donation? If not, send him a note and ask him to donate.
    • Don’t have money to give? Know someone who does? Use your keyboard and your email account and send out an appeal. Direct your friends to this blog post. Everyone knows someone with money — even a little bit helps. Don’t delay. Do it now. Thanks!
    • Check out the latest report on the Student’s here at a newly refurbished LifeSiteNews website



    Fundraiser Background & Details

    Carleton Lifeline, the pro-life student club at Carleton University, has been doing some amazing pro-life work in recent weeks. These students are tenacious.

    On October 4, they got arrested on the campus for protesting abortion in an incident that garnered national media attention. Later in October, they held another protest and were harrassed by students and campus security. They also appeared on Michael Coren’s TV show to expose the anti-life bias of university campuses. More recently, Carleton Lifeline had it club status revoked by the students’ association because their pro-life views are considered as “discriminatory” and irreconcilable with the official pro-choice doctrine of the association.

    Carleton Lifeline recently hired a lawyer to defend them from the free speech police. Although their lawyer has generously offered his services pro bono, Carleton Lifeline believes that he should be paid for his work. In addition, there are other expenditures that they have and will incur to keep finding innovative ways to push the pro-life envelope in a hostile University environment.

    The very least we can do is to flip them a few bucks. Thanks, praise, and prayer are great, but that doesn’t pay the lawyer bills or the trespassing charge of $130/student arrested, does it?

    At Carleton University, after all, it’s not free speech; it’s FEE speech. That is, at Carleton University, you can speak all you want, just be prepared to get cuffed and pay a fine to do it. It’s the new, exclusive student fee imposed on pro-life and conservatives students at Censorship U. They accept the student’s tuition money, student fees, and their parents’ taxes, but won’t let them express their views. In other words, it’s “back of the bus, negro.”

    To support this endeavour, Socon or Bust will be accepting donations from our readers that will be relayed to Carleton Lifeline. Here’s another opportunity for us to show our solidarity with these brave warriors. Their heroic acts deserve our tangible gratitude. They took one for the unborn child, big time.

    We all need to remember that standing in solidarity with the unborn often requires difficult actions and sacrifice. Every pro-life person should do something for the movement. Obviously, some elderly people or individuals who are extremely busy doing other ministry may not be able to do activism. But everyone is called to be pro-life in some way. We really need to see more initiatives and people taking more risks. In the meantime, realize that the students at Carleton Lifeline risked a lot. Let’s make it worth it.

    Making a donation is easy. Just click on the yellow button below and you will be taken to a secure form where you can make a donation either through PayPal (if you have an account) or with a credit card. (Socon or Bust will post a full activity of our PayPal account after fundraising campaign has completed on our blog. Individual identity of donors will be kept confidential.) Alternatively, you can donate directly to their lawyer’s trust account by mailing a cheque to the address specified here. Just be sure to let us know you have donated directly to Carleton Lifeline and we will update our fundraising thermometer.

    Please note that the thermometer does not update itself automatically when you make an online donation. We will update it manually several times per day as donations arrive.

    Carleton Lifeline cannot issue a tax receipt for your donation. And we think that’s fitting too because it means your sacrifice has double the impact in the spiritual realm, and we don’t want the government’s money anyway.

    Leave a comment in the discussion box. Leave a prayer with the Lord. And leave some money in the bottle!

    Let’s get this show on the road! Socon or Bust starts things off with a $100 donation.


  • 3 thoughts on ““Fee Speech” Fundraiser For Arrested Carleton Students – LAST CALL FOR THE CAMPAIGN!

    1. These students are inspiring and God Bless them all. This is definitely,
      a worthwhile cause for Life, so let us all donate something and together ,
      God will Bless our unity in deciding for His Life saving purposes.

      Every donation matters be it small or large if one can do that.

      Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Blessed Mother Mary and good St. Joseph too.

      Frances Wilkinson

    2. These students are our troops in the field.
      Thank you for your courage and fortitude. My donation has been sent but it is nothign compared to the work of these students.


    3. Pacheco, I am impressed with the support you have gotten. I commend you for giving these courageous Soldiers of our Lord in the Kingdom of heaven the financial support to stand for the TRUTH!!!!

      Also, I LOVE SKILLET!!!!!! Skillet is one of my favourite Christian contemporary bands, and Hero is one of my favourite songs. How fitting that you choose their music.

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