Socon or Bust Complains to the CBC Ombudsman

Dear Ms. Enkin,

I am writing to you to express my strong objection and profound disappointment at the CBC’s failure to cover the largest political rally in this country’s history.  An estimated 25,000 people attended (see coverage here ( on my blog with pictures), and yet there was scarce coverage by the CBC.

It is inconceivable that if this were any other event, the CBC would not have provided much more extensive coverage of it.  Peter Mansbridge would have setup his own tent and offered pre and post event interviews and shows about it, I have no doubt.

It strains credibility to believe otherwise, and that is the standard by which the CBC is now being judged.

No or little coverage of the event in proportion to the numbers who attended is as much an abuse of the CBC reporting obligations as is an outright lie or distortion.

Frankly, I don’t expect any reprimand of the CBC or acknowledgement of the deficiency from your office, but I thought I would let you know that the CBC’s credibility among people who value human life and reject female gendercide continues to plummet.

Two-thirds of Canadians want restrictions on abortion and the vast majority find female gendercide abhorrent.  If the CBC wants to ignore an event of such magnitude which highlights that fact, it has shown itself to be completely irrelevant to what matters to Canadians and, frankly, a waste of tax payers’ money.

The CBC has an obligation to report the news when it happens with the proportion, attention, and balance it deserves. 

The Pro Life constituency in Canada is growing every year, and yet the issue of the slaughter of unborn children is given the shaft by many in the mainstream media.  The CBC has led the way.

We demand accountability as taxpayers of this country.    The CBC’s clear ideological bias is being shown. The question is what are you, as Ombudsman, going to do about it?

Yours very truly,

John Pacheco
Socon or Bust

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