Socon or Bust Champagne Soirée

Socon or Bust will be hosting an initimate little gathering in support of CCBR’s James Shaw and Ruth Lobo Shaw on Thursday November 29 at 7:30pm.

This little Champagne Soirée will be limited to a dozen or so people who would like to meet yours truly and my family, along with these two young pro-life heroes.

This is a chance for some of the secret admirers of Socon or Bust to come out to this event.  Rest assured that your identities will be kept confidential.  (There are many “respectable” people in the Catholic and pro-life communities who are secret fans of Socon or Bust, but need to keep a low profile for obvious reasons.)

A free-will offering will be taken up, and we hope that attendees will consider a monthly pledge to James and Ruth’s important pro-life work.

James and Ruth will be doing a little presentation on their work.  There are two demographics that we are trying to attract:

#1 – Pro-lifers who are not yet convinced of CCBR’s approach.

#2 – Pro-lifers who are willing to financially support them in their work – either through a one-time donation or an ongoing committment.

The evening is a chance to have a congenial discussion among pro-lifers on this very important movement, while enjoying frienship, a few laughs, and some fine food.  The Pacheco Family will be your hosts.

If you are interested in coming out and can drop a few bucks in the collection basket or, better yet, offer a monthly donation for their efforts, you are most welcome to join us.

I really do hope that you will consider coming out.  The pro-life needs people like James and Ruth, and they need you to support them.  Abortion will not get defeated with empty platitudes but by God’s grace and some cold hard cash.

Interested inquirers may e-mail me at

One thought on “Socon or Bust Champagne Soirée

  1. I drink to your health! Besides the drinking, I go and pray at a Mary-statue downtown, hang sign “Whether glad, sad or wary, stay a while, say a Hail Mary”. And more. Please, receive the H. Host always on tongue, not in hand. Let that be the beginning of other public actions, without talking. Visiting Turnhout,Belgium in 2004, I prayed at Maria-statue on central marketplace. The statue in very bad shape, held together with 5 metal bands. Back in Canada, wrote to 100+ people and the Mayor there, that it had to be repaired. Was fully repaired in 2006. There is lots that we can do if we dare, without talking. Start with receiving H.Host on tongue. Jesus wants to come in you, not in your hand. Act and show others.

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