Socon or Bust Busted By Hippie

Well, Unrepentant Old Hippie busted me.  She figured it out that I have targetted her for conversion and ever-lasting life via my little crusade, Adopt-A-Pro-Abort.  Her sleuthing powers have connected the dots with my little banner.

I do confess that I don’t visit her site that often. Maybe once a month. That’s all that I can handle at a time.  Still, I like a challenge.

Prayed for you last night, Hippie, during my prayer time before the Blessed Sacrament.  Every early Tuesday morning between 12AM-1AM at the Chapel (gaining access with my high-tech churchy swipe card)

Me, the Lord, and you.  No one else. Every week. Same time. Same place.

Never too late to turn, you know.

As a very popular song goes….Mercy doesn’t care what you’ve done.

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