Socon or Bust: A Modest Outfit

Socon or Bust has no pretensions about being a big player in the blogosphere.  Lots of views has never been our gig, although we don’t mind the traffic when we do get it.  Our gig is about being relevant and shaking things down when the cages need to be rattled, as well as moving things forward towards the One True Faith and the Dignity of Human Life.  It’s not about the numbers. It’s about results.  If you’re not getting results as an activist blogger, then you’re wasting  your time.

We average about 500 daily views.  Peanuts by some standards, but considering the return on investment, we punch way above our weight.  Not bragging…just stating a fact.  And there’s more of that to come in the near future.

On the other hand, some multi-million dollar media empires have buzillions of dollars thrown at them from various Church quarters and companies, and they can’t get above 1000 or so subscribers. They have minimum impact because they water-down and bleach the Faith.

I wonder if their sponsors have ever done a value-for-money audit.  In these times of fiscal restraint, frugality, accountability and stewardship, Catholic sponsors should demand results and leave the bull puckey to the Church politicians.

Some times these ventures become about one individual and career advancement instead of about The Faith.

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