Sock Puppet Theatre: An Unexpected Performance

Rippin: “I don’t think [Steyn] actually wants to simply fear Muslims. What he argues quite clearly is big government taking away our adult independence… and are no longer able to stand up against wobbling fromage of cultural relativism, which is a phrase I absolutely love. His critique is a critique of Euro-American society.” (

Aside from the polemics of this whole exercise, I cannot be impressed with Faisal Joseph’s lawyer skills. He’s basically bungled the PR aspect of this “case” and he’s calling witnesses/complainants like Khurrum Awan who have all but admitted to false and contradictory comments he made to the press about his complaint.  And then Joseph calls the above professor who has only a mild disagreement with Steyn on his understanding of Islam, but hardly the kind of thing that would qualify as an indictment of “hate”. Rippin even confesses to being a closet admirer of Steyn.  Who can blame him?

Mark Steyn is a god in Canada right now. I had the pleasure of his wit and drollity for 30 minutes outside the Kangaroom in Ottawa at the Warman v. Lemire Hearing on March 25. 

30 minutes with Mark Steyn! 

Better yet, why not a whole evening?  “A Dinner with Mark Steyn. Can I start the bid at $2000?” 

What would that kind of thing go for at a Freespeecher fundraising auction, do you think? 

Presumably a hell of a lot more than you would pay for dinner with Rob Nicholson, no doubt, or even Stephanie, himself. 

I’d rather have dinner with Mark Steyn and his wobbling fromage than I would Rob Nicholson and his peanut butter crackers any day of the week. I’m sure 95% of the members of the Conservative Party would too.

(Inset picture during the lunch break, courtesy of Deborah Gyapong: Middle: Mark Steyn; to his immediate left, Connie Wilkins and Mark Fournier of Free Dominion; to his immediate right, CFRB/CJAD Radio Reporter Brian Lilley; and yours truly on the far right.  Notice my attire? It wasn’t a real court so I didn’t dress like it was.)

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