Socialist Suppression of Freedom

Here’s some more evidence of the Socialist State’s view of freedom of expression and religion: 

“What this is is a kind of rearing up of the police-state,” Joel Thornton, President of IHRG, told LifeSiteNews.  Thornton said that Europe is beginning a definite transition away from tolerance of people’s freedom of public speech and Norway is leading the way.

“This is the first of it, and it is going to get worse, and is going to spread throughout Europe. The basic principle is this: ‘we’re the police, you have rights, but when the police speak you have to do whatever they so no matter what rights you think you have.'”

Keefer has returned to Tampa, but will return to Norway in July for the trial.  IHRG said that they are prepared to take this case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights “to protect the right of Christians to non-disruptively share their faith in public in Europe.” (Source)

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