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…Turkson stressed the Church’s social doctrine cannot be separated from concern for unborn life and warned against Catholic development agencies getting involved in the push for abortion or contraception through the guise of improving women’s lives in the development world.

When it comes to Catholic groups working under the Caritas Internationalis federation, “we cannot have a group that is Church-based which is at variance with Church teaching,” he said.

“We have to move from this schizoid experience of believing one thing and doing another. Our faith should inspire what we do.”

People donate to Caritas groups because they see images of famished people or children who need an education, he said. If for any reason agencies collect money that goes to another purpose or ends up some other place that violates the principle of following the giver’s intention.

Turkson stressed the inseparability of spreading the Gospel from justice and peace, as well as the inseparability of respect for unborn life from the Church’s social doctrine…(Source)

Well…as many of you know, Cardinal Turkson was the key-note speaker at the Den of Dissent Conference over the past weekend.   I don’t know what the Cardinal said at the Conference, but if he said what he said in the above interview, God bless him for it.   Everyone with half-a-brain who has been following this mess knows that the Cardinal needs to preach to the so-called “experts” on Vatican II more than he does to the culture at large.  Until the Catholic Church’s hierarchy realizes this, I think the “new evangelization” will be going no where fast.  As Our Lord says, “remove the plank from your own eye…..”

Still, I must say that I am heartened that high places in the Vatican are listening to us internet peasants.  It does give one hope, after all.  Many thanks to Deborah Gyapong  for soliciting the Cardinal’s opinion on such a  matter.  It must have put a damper on the Spirit of Vatican II festivities over the weekend.

…The chair of that committee, Toronto Auxiliary Bishop John A. Boissonneau, reported to the Bishops at the Plenary that D&P is now developing documents that will guide its identification of groups to fund and contract with partners. The documents are to be reviewed by the bishops before being approved and released publicly. Moreover, the report noted that D&P was working to integrate the teaching of the Pope’s latest encyclical dealing with Catholic charities ‘Caritas in Veritate’ into its work and training of D&P members….(Source)

If so much as one group ends up being pro-abort, pro-contraception, anti-Life, or anti-Catholic in any way whatsoever, I’ll go ballistic and be the biggest thorn in their side.  There’ll be absolutely no tolerance or quarter given from me.  None of us should accept any error or negligence at all in this never-ending, faith-destroying four year scandal.

The CCCB and the lapdog press who frequent this site can take this message back to their superiors:

Don’t screw it up.

D&P-CCCB Flashback:  CCCB Calls D&P Abortion Scandal Bloggers, “Polarizing Voices”, “Radicalizing”

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