Social Justice Perversions Recognized

…The archbishop insisted that social justice is rooted in the natural law and the Catholic Church’s rich heritage, and is a “necessary feature” of evangelization.  But when the Church’s social justice effort is twisted, he said, “the authentic quest for human development becomes co-opted by agendas that are opposed to Church teaching and the good of the human person.” “It is true that sometimes pro-abortion forces use the language of social justice,” he added. According to Archbishop Miller, the effort to secure protections for children in the womb is based on the same ideal espoused by advocates of peace and social justice: “that all human beings are of equal value, and hence that discrimination is never justified.”…(Source)

Most of the time here at Socon or Bust, we’re very hard on our bishops.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t praise them when they witness to the Faith or make an obvious observation.  We thank the Archbishop for recognizing the elephant in the room and the fraud of modern social justice.  We pray that he put the boots to that fraud in a tangible way, however.  Words are great, but don’t mean a hill of beans unless then are backed up by action.

He’s got the power. He should use it. That’s why Jesus gave it to him. Remember the parable of the talents, your Grace. Jesus is going to hold you and your brother bishops accountable for the last 40 years of Development & Peace.

The Catholic Church in Canada is a veritable wasteland of drugged up social justice junkies who need to have their fix ripped away from them.  It’s killing their souls and it’s killing unborn children.  So far, the injection centers haven’t been working.

One thought on “Social Justice Perversions Recognized

  1. Some years ago a high-profile, orthodox priest visited St. John’s Newfoundland. When he returned to his home in the US he told some friends, one of them a friend of mine, that the diocese was a wasteland. He got that right! I was reminded of this when reading your last paragraph.

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