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What does that mean in practise? Canadian Catholics would hear in those words a particular urgency, as the annual collection for their overseas development agency — Development and Peace — is being taken up in these days. The desire of Francis for a Church that does not abandon the proclamation of Jesus Christ to become only a charitable agency would challenge the standard operating procedure at Development and Peace for decades, where the Christian faith has been downplayed in favour of generic good works. (Source)

Well, Father. Here’s the thing.  LifeSite News, this blog, and a smattering of other blogs have covered this story from the get-go.  We’ve striven to bring this scandal to the public’s attention and, for the most part, we’ve been left dangling by the bishops and their bureaucratic CCCB Borg.  (Note to the Borg:  the clean-up of the bureaucratization of the Church does not just need to happen in Rome).  There’s not one single bishop in this country who has come to our defense in public – not one, even though LSN and ‘Bust been slandered and lied about by D&P and by the Quebec press.   Not a single peep.  All we’ve seen is the circling of the wagons and official support for Development & Peace.   Whoops…that’s not entirely correct.  My apologies.  LSN has been banned twice by the CCCB’s otherwise useless Plenary – more evidence of the dialogue envisioned by Vatican II, no doubt.


Why are those who openly support pro-abort and openly anti-Catholic organizations STILL TO THIS DAY given cover while Faithful Catholics are given the shaft for pointing out the truth?

It’s a disgrace and it continues to be a disgrace, even though Pope Benedict and now Pope Francis have called out the elephant in the room….many times.

Just how many Pontificates does it take for the Borg to get it?

Just whose team are the bishops on, anyway?

I frankly and honestly don’t know…and frankly, I don’t care anymore.  They’ve lost any credibility in the Pro Life Movement with me and with countless Canadian Catholics.

And, please!  Please!  Don’t shoot the messenger.  Look in the mirror, first.

It’s one of the reasons that I don’t attend the March for Life Pro Life Mass in Ottawa with the bishops.  I’m no Donatist and it is a valid mass, but my stomach would get too unsettled by the sight of our courageous bishops up there on the altar, so I skip the event.

If Development & Peace were just another organization doing good – even a Catholic one – you wouldn’t hear a peep from me.  I wouldn’t even waste my time if they were just doing “Christianity lite” with it.   Frankly I don’t have the time to get too worked up about it.  But it goes far, far deeper than that – Abortion and Marxism being featured prominently in their “good works”.

We’re sick and tired of the pathetic excuses, and the Let-Them-Eat-Cake attitude that the bishops of this country have toward the Pro-Life Movement.

We’re in a different era. Perhaps our bishops should take the example of Pope Francis and humble themselves…instead of going along with the Social Justice Junta of the 1960s.  Pope Francis didn’t bend to the liberation theology theologians in his day but STOOD UP TO THEM, but our bishops keep worshipping at the altar of social justice…if not in word than certainly in deed.  For what?  To be the Social Justice lolipop of progressives at the expense of the blood of unborn children

Maximum shame!

For the love of God and his unborn children, practice what you preach.

LSN Coverage here.


Flashback with D&P partner’s guy in the mask…


One thought on “Social Justice Junta

  1. The bishops have to be living in a cave without wifi for them not to be aware of the scandals associated with D&P. It took this middle aged mom five minutes to follow the internet trail to D&P “partners” and discover all sorts of sordid pro-abortion stuff (thanks to all the sleuthing that you did, John, that made it so easy). What is the average pew dweller to think when our bishops are willing to shut their collective eyes to this collective scandal? The average pew dweller is LOSING FAITH over our bishops. How can we trust them in any other matter, when they are supporting pro-abortion groups in this matter? The solution is so easy- stop all funding of D&P today, and give the money to true Catholic charities- Chalice or Food for Children come quickly to mind. These groups provide food and aid, and not pro-abortion politics, to the Third World. That’s genuine social justice. “To more is given, more is expected.” These bishops will have some explaining to do when they reach the pearly gates. In the meantime, their failure to act is scandalous.
    The lone bishop in Canada who has spoken out on this issue is Bishop Mulhall, from Pembroke. He is well deserving our thanks, and a thank you note as well. God bless you, Bishop Mulhall, for standing firm for the faith!
    I would also like to thank the federal government for cutting D&P funding to such an extent. It’s a pretty sad statement when even a secular government thinks you are doing a rotten job!

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