Social Justice Fundraiser Update

It’s slow going, but we picked up a bid on the Sens tickets and a couple of donations. But there are two other items which are still great deals which have no bids yet.  If you are not interested in making a bid, then consider a donation which is tax receiptable.  Remember, today is the Feast of St. Nicholas and Catholics are morally obligated to give alms to the poor…

Times are tough raising money with the economy and all, but times are tougher for the poor kids in the Global South.  When I think of the millions wasted on the abortion pimps,  “eco-justice” and “gender mainstreaming” by the CanChurch Professionals in this country, when the money could have gone to legitimate poverty relief, it makes my blood boil with anger.  And it should make your blood boil too.  You should be outraged and disgusted by it, and we need to send a message to the professionals that they’re no longer driving the bus.

If you’ve appreciated the work of Socon or Bust through the years, even a little bit, please consider donating. Even $10 is better than nothing. Everything helps. Thanks for your support.*** Please note: Once you have made a donation, please let us know the amount you have contributed by e-mail.  All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

2) Auction:  The items below are available for bidding.  Bidders should contact me by e-mail and I will update the current bids on this blog entry.  Bids close on Fri. Dec. 9 @ 5PM EST.  No tax receipts are issued for auction item proceeds collected.   Payment can be made through PayPal or by cheque.

  • Item 1:  Ottawa Senators vs. New Jersey Devils (January 2). 2 Club Seats, Section 117 Row B, VIP Parking. Value: $260.   Min. Bid $110. CURRENT BID: $200
  • Item 2:  Irish Hills Golf & Country Club (Carp, Ontario). 4 – 18 hole Green Fees. Value: $172. Min. Bid $70.
  • Item 3: La Dolce Vita Ristorante (Ottawa, Ontario) – Gift Certificate $100 (expires Feb.16.12).  Min. Bid. $40

The following items can be viewed here.  The Item Number is posted in the Comments field directly below the picture.  Successful bidder must be able to pick up the item in Ottawa or pay for the shipping.

  • Item 2148 Gift certificate from Accent Decor. Value $20.00. Min.Bid.$8
  • Item 2146 Mushroom Canister or Pottery set. Value $33.00.  Min.Bid $12
  • Item 2147 Paraguay hand-made Bread Cover Hand embroided by local women. Value $25.00. Min.Bid $10
  • Item 2143 Set of hand soap dispenser. Value $15.00. Min.Bid $6
  • Item 2142 Mushroom serving dish hand made by a local women from Almont ON.  Value $30.00. Min.Bid $12
  • Item 2160 Horse Shoes silver earring, beautiful hand-made by Paraguayan people. Value $35.00. Min.Bid $12
  • Item 2159 Clover silver earring, is also a beautiful hand-made by local people in Paraguay. Value $35.00. Min.Bid $12
  • Item 2158 Mate silver earring, hand-made, Value $20.00. Min.Bid $8
  • Item 2155 and 2156 Hand-embroided Paraguayan dress ( 100% cotton, takes 8 weeks to complete), Value $50.00. Min.Bid $20
  • Item 2154 Little girl’s dress, hand made beautifully-embroided by local women. Value $45.00. Min.Bid $18
  • Item 2152 Knit by a Paraguayan lady who invested a lot of love and time. Value $30.00. Min.Bid $12
  • Item 2151 Adam Apple Cafe gift certificate. Value$50.00. Min.Bid $20
  • Item 2153 Two piece clothing. Hand-made. Value $45. Min.Bid. $20
  • ITem 2154 Hand-made dress. Value $35. Min.Bid $12.
  • Item 2194 and 2195 Carpet. Size – Long: 133 inch Wide: 98 inch. Off-white with very soft blue and pink flowers. Used but clean and beautiful. Value $200.00 or more. Min.Bid $80.
  • Item 2196 Portrait of Cuba. Value $25. Min. Bid. $10.

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