Social Justice Denials

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is offering unusually strong and public criticism of critics of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the USCCB’s controversial anti-poverty program.

“Despite significant progress, some things don’t change,” said Bishops Jaime Soto and Stephen Blaire in a memo to all US bishops. “The American Life League continues to attack CCHD and the USCCB. Judie Brown, Michael Hichborn and the American Life League (ALL) continue to recycle allegations that CCHD funds many organizations that are in conflict with Catholic teaching.”

“In one case, a clear violation occurred after the grant was approved and CCHD funding was swiftly and completely terminated,” they added. “We expressed our appreciation for this information. However, other ALL allegations are without substance … Frankly, in these areas we rely on the judgment of the local bishop and diocese, not the repeated accusations of those with clear ideological and ecclesial agendas.”

In its “Response to Recent Attacks on CCHD,” the USCCB added:

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has been repeatedly attacked by Judie Brown, Michael Hichborn and the American Life League (ALL) for several years … CCHD disagree[s] with ALL’s efforts to accuse groups of violating CCHD guidelines based on web searches and without any contact with the groups or dioceses.

Groups which work on legitimate issues were listed as “partners” or “members” of another organization which allegedly took actions in conflict with Catholic teaching. The CCHD funded group had never agreed to be a partner nor was a member of the other organization and had not participated in the development of an offending policy and was not even aware of the position that they were alleged to support …

Other allegations involve identification of CCHD funded groups with positions of a national organization where the position in conflict with Catholic teaching was the action of an individual staff member who acted without approval or authorization of the organization (for example, adding the organization’s name to material which appeared on the web.) This raises issues of accountability within the other organization (which CCHD does not fund), but does not involve CCHD funded groups in violation of our guidelines or contract.

“They issue a very sweeping blanket dismissal of the report, never once addressing the specifics,” said Michael Hitchborn, media director of the American Life League. “They don’t go into any of the information we have in our report. They just say, ‘It’s wrong,'” he said.”

“We would go over and over and over our facts, but they didn’t really have any answers for us,” he added. “What we told the bishops and what we told CCHD is, ‘Look, we’re not out here to give the Catholic Church a bloody nose. We’re out here to help the church maintain the Catholic identity of this program.’” (Source)

All the bullshit in Spain can’t even come close to what comes out of the Catholic Church’s “social justice” agencies these days.

When we get down to the details and the specifics, out come the sweeping dismissals without engaging the evidence.  This is not the reaction of an organization or management which is transparent.  Obviously, if they won’t address the evidence, then they’re either guilty or incompetent. 

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