Social Justice Bishop: Surf’s up with my beach babe

When you’re a professional, you need some down time.  Everybody needs a break once in a while from those intense U.N. environmental meetings where the Catholic Church’s social justice cabal is very well represented.  

You have to wonder when the still-clueless hierarchy is going to clue in to the fact that there is something fundamentally wrong with social justice industry in the Church.  These social marxist frauds go around preaching the  the “Gospel of the Poor” and the “Gospel of the Earth”,  but more times than they care to admit, live their personal lives of excess, waste, and opulence, when the cameras are  not on.

And what’s worse, social justice as it is currently promoted and practiced is fundamentally opposed to the Gospel of Life.  If you don’t think so, ask yourself how strongly this “beach boy bishop” is going speak out against contraception…or abortion, for that matter.   Ahem.  Think about it.  Do you suppose the bishop is going to be hearing her Confession after the fun in the sun?

It’s not unlike the typical Hollywood liberal, bleeding their hearts all over the place for higher taxes while doing everything they can to personally to avoid them.

Details of this pathetic spectacle here.  Video below.

Caritas?  Just like D&P.  Don’t give them a red cent.

And don’t help fund the frolicking festivities of the Bishop and his Beach Babe.

Never give charitable money unless you do your background checks.

Cut it off.

3 thoughts on “Social Justice Bishop: Surf’s up with my beach babe

  1. This is nothing compared to all the other things going on in the Vatican!

    There is the mobster that paid to be buried with Popes and of course you have the transparency problem at the Vatican Bank. Babes on the beach…harmless!

  2. Just more evidence of the possible reasons why Bill 13 wasn’t challenged under section 93.

    My question is this: Do we REALLY still need bishops, if they won’t be true to their calling?

    No wonder so many Catholics are leaving for conservative evangelical churches.

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