Social Engineering: Hello? Hello? Is anyone home? Bueler?

“We cannot let the fans of the gender ideology impose new norms on society,” said Boulva.  “Sexual identity, our femininity or masculinity, is not a social construct. It is willed by God and it is an integral part of our persons – persons called to enter into communion and to give ourselves to others.” (Source)

Good for you, Michelle. Perhaps we can try and first convince the Church’s social justice bureaucrats and bishops. 

The social justice frauds in the Canadian Church get tens of millions of dollars in donations every year largely through immoral subterfuge to support partners who are working to build up this damn social engineering.

And it’s still happening too.

Let’s clean up our own house before we go and preach to the lost.

One thought on “Social Engineering: Hello? Hello? Is anyone home? Bueler?

  1. Homosexual NDP MP Bill Siksay’s , ” the Transgendered bathroom Bill C-389 ” is to be voted on now. This Bill will add the terms, ” Gender Identity ” and ” Gender Expression ” to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This would allow men to gain legal access by “right” to use women’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This puts our women and children at risk.

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