Social Conservatives United Endorses Randy Hillier for PC Party Leader


The scenario presented below is a hypothetical one. It has not yet happened. But it will…unless you do something about it.

Monday morning rolls around and you’re pulling up to your local family doctor’s office with your 5 year-old child.  You’ve booked your appointment a few days ago, and you’re there to get some medical treatment for your son who has been experiencing a persistent cough and a certain dizziness.  (Unlike many others, you’re fortunate enough to have a family doctor.  Ontario isn’t exactly experiencing a boon in the number of family doctors.)  You walk in the door and you approach the receptionist’s counter. 

“Hi, I’m here for my son’s 9AM appointment with Dr. Smith.”

“I’m sorry”, the receptionist says quite sheepishly, “Dr. Smith is no longer practicing.”

The receptionist notices your look of shock. It’s an expression she is now well accustomed to and she has the next line ready to deliver:

“Dr. Smith is no longer permitted to practice medicine in the province of Ontario because he refuses to refer patients to abortionists or give counsel about artificial insemination between same-sex couples or sex change operations.”

You laugh nervously and blurt out incredulously,  “This must be some kind of sick joke, right?” 

No, apparently it’s no joke. The receptionist calmly explains to you that it’s the recently enacted code of ethics of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. The law of Ontario will also soon be changing to come into conformity with the Ontario Human Rights Act and the Star Chamber Tribunal who adminsters it.  Doctor’s must comply with the new law regarding “reproductive rights” whether it tramples on their consciences or not. It doesn’t matter that the service is offered by other medical professionals. ALL medical professionals must comply with the new sexual regulations.  “You see“, the lidless eye receptionist quips, “it’s part of the new sexual jihad the province of Ontario is waging on people of faith and others who oppose the Minister of Sex in Ontario.  Dr. Smith would not compromise his Christian beliefs so he had to fold his practice.”

Somewhat staggered by this pronouncement, you pick your jaw up off the floor and begin to reflect.  You start to think to yourself, “I’m not religious myself, but I can kind of see how everyone has a line that they won’t cross with this sexual imperialism crap.  Besides, just how many other doctors are going to leave the practice of medicine in Ontario because the government is forcing them to choose between their profession and their most sacrosanct beliefs?” 

You didn’t even know that Dr. Smith was a committed Christian.  Religion never came up.  You just liked the guy. He was always polite and concerned. He had a good sense of humour and provided first rate service to your family through the years. He always made time for you during a busy day and even stayed late many times to provide your family with the care it needed.  Now all that’s gone because Dr. Smith won’t have any part of two lesbians wanting to conceive.

Fast forward a few years later…

You happen to be at the local fast food restaurant to pick up a quick bite when you notice a familiar figure in the corner of your eye. You turn slightly and notice a man who looks like Dr. Smith busing a nearby table.  As you approach him, you call out to him, “Dr. Smith? Is that you?”  He turns and recognizes you immediately, “Hi there! How have you been? How is your family? You then proceed to have a chat for the next few minutes about your family and some other inconsequential things.

Neither of you bring up why an excellent and qualified doctor is busing tables at a fast food joint.  You both know the reason.  After all, in the age of the Sexual Jihad, what is commonly understood need not be spoken.  Christians and other conscientious objectors to the Sexstate have become second-class citizens and are not entitled to participate in society to their fullest potential.  It’s not just medicine any more either. It applies to all professions – legal, engineering, architecture, accounting, finance, academia, journalism –  every profession.  After all, what profession wants to be associated with a bunch of State labelled bigots? 

The laws on the books still say everyone has freedom of conscience, of course, but that’s as valid as saying that the old German Democratic Republic (otherwise known as East Germany) was authentically democratic.  It was democratic for the communists and that’s about all.  The understanding of “freedom” has been altered to bring it into conformity under the rainbow coalition who rules Queer’s Park.  The whole province is facing shortages and is crumbling under the weight of the Sexual Jihad, but few people recognize the root of the problem anymore. It’s like that film,The Sixth Sense, where the main character doesn’t recognize he’s actually dead until the end of the movie.


Some time ago, John Tory resigned his position as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  Now there is a leadership race which will chose his successor.

One of the candidates, Randy Hillier, has made the issue of conscience a central platform of his candidacy. He has proposed the introduction of the Freedom of Association and Conscience Act, an act to protect the rights of the individual to not be compelled or coerced into actions or associations they find objectionable. According to his campaign’s website: “All medical care professionals in Ontario will be protected from performing or referring medical services or procedures which violate their personal or religious beliefs. To protect professionals from government pressure, a fine will be levied against any administrator or person of authority who attempts to force or coerce any medical professional from violating their conscience while performing their medical duties.”

You can read more about Randy and his campaign by visiting his website here.

Randy is also advocating eliminating the Ontario Human Rights Commission.  Social Conservatives and Christians know all too well the jackboot thuggery these commissions have inflicted on us. He says that he will place “genuine violations of human rights before real courts, where all parties can be confident that justice will be done and that procedural fairness will not be ignored. Human Rights Commissions will become redundant and will be eliminated. Regular legal rules and procedures would apply, including the right of the successful party to receive compensation for legal costs, and the burden of proof will be placed upon the complainant. This will restrict frivolous complaints while allowing true cases of discrimination to be heard.”


I don’t agree with Randy Hillier on everything, but there are two things I admire:  his position on legitimate freedom and the fact that he is a man of his word. 

Whether Randy Hillier wins the nomination of the PC Party in Ontario is not as important as showing support for the principles he espouses which must be respected by whoever the leader ends up being.

But for that to happen, you need to get involved.  There are few opportunities in life to make a difference in the political direction of democracies. Most people think this happens during federal or provincial elections. That’s true to some extent, but the more important vote happens when you choose the leader of the Party who will set the tone and the agenda should he be elected to lead the province or the country.

As social conservatives, this is our chance to make an impact and turn this province and this country around.  For the $10 it costs to buy a membership (and later the cost of a postage stamp to mail in your ballot), you can help make that difference. 

So much influence for so little cost….and yet how many of you reading this email will actually act on it?

Please take a minute to click on the link below and register now. If the link does not bring you to the sign-up page, cut and paste it in your browser.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to track the number of people in favour of a Freedom of Conscience Act in Ontario, please type “I support freedom of conscience” in the message field near the bottom of the sign-up page before submitting.  To be eligible to vote or to donate, you must be a resident of Ontario and be at least 14 years of age.

Other contenders for the leadership include Frank Klees, Tim Hudak and Christine Elliot.  Deadline for registration for the Party in order to be able to vote in the leadership is May 14.  A new leader is to be announced June 27, 2009. Also, since all members will be able to vote for second and third choices, it is important to order one’s vote according to the candidate’s committment to socially conservative principles and to the strategic advancement of them. Social Conservatives United therefore recommends the following choices in order:

1. Randy Hillier

2. Frank Klees

3. Tim Hudak

p.s. In 2003, I told Dalton McGuinty here and in 2005 I told 15,000 Canadians here that if we let the sexual autocrats redefine marriage, they will redefine our freedoms. And that’s exactly what they are beginning to do. 

Get involved now and do something about it…before it’s too late.

My fellow Canadians, marriage and freedom are built on the same foundation of truth. If, as a nation, we deny the very union which sustains our country, what hope will we have in defending our country against attacks on civil and religious liberties? If we will not defend marriage, then we will not preserve freedom. If our government can redefine something so basic and timeless as marriage, they can also re-define our freedoms. If Bill C-38 becomes law, the fundamental cornerstone of our society will have been toppled. And when a nation fails to recognize the most basic objective moral and physiological truths, democracy itself will be emptied of its power so that only an empty shell will remain. And when a strong wind blows, I ask you, what will happen to that empty shell? My fellow Canadians, at this critical moment in our history when our country is on the brink of moral collapse, all of us are faced with the central question: Shall we defend marriage or shall we retreat? If we retreat to buy a little time, what will become of our freedoms when our opponents seek to dictate what is taught in our schools, our churches, and even our homes? And what will be left for our children and their posterity? What will become of their freedoms? Of their divine right to practice their faith and enjoy their civil liberties? Will we lie to ourselves today and say it won’t impact us because we fear the sacrifices that come with it?


5 thoughts on “Social Conservatives United Endorses Randy Hillier for PC Party Leader

  1. My reasoning is that Hillier and Hudak can work together – Frank Klees???

    Klees is pro-life but very social on other values.

    I do not know about Hudak – trust you know he is pro-life.

    Hillier because he is in Easter Ontario is probably not electable –
    the rest of the Province will probably not support Hillier. Hudak,
    on the other hand, is more electable – we do not want that woman to
    be elected. We need to pull together on this one and not split the
    vote with Klees.

    My view.

  2. I’ve seen good and not so good from Frank Klees. I am not yet convinced of his credentials. Besides, it’s a ballot process. The 4th contestant falls off and your second choice counts, then after that your third choice counts.

    In other words, if it’s a battle between Elliot and Hudac at the end of the day, most of Hillier and Klees supporters will end up supporting Hudac on the second or third ballot.

    But, beforehand, we need to send a clear message to the Party about conscience rights. That’s where the battle is at right now. That’s why it’s important to support Hillier.

  3. That’s a really interesting (and scary) hypothesis! Knowing how our country has slid downhill on moral calues, it could be all too real, though. I live in BC, so I guess I’m not eligible to voice my opinopn on your link?

  4. The great thing about your hypothetical situation is that it is 100% guaranteed to come true if we don’t act now. Just like same-sex marriage has already torn our social fabric asunder. When is your column in the National Post starting?

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