Social Conservatives – The CHRC’s Whipping Boys

The leader of Canada’s Christian Heritage Party says he expects a long and drawn-out battle over three charges he and his Party are facing before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  Ron Gray and the CHP are charged for re-posting, to their website, a 5-year old article from WorldNet Daily about a purported connection between homosexuality and pederasty.  Gray is also charged personally in connection with several columns he wrote and distributed to Party members, one of which laid out the reasons why Canada’s legalization of gay marriage should not have gone ahead.  Gray admits it’s a bit unsettling to be dealing with the Human Rights Commission.  “I wouldn’t say I’m worried.  I do have some concerns (though), and one is the statement I’ve often encountered, that ‘truth is not a defence in a human rights hearing’. I think that’s a bizarre concept.” 
Gray has urged his accuser, Edmonton homosexual activist Rob Wells, to charge him criminally if he truly believes the articles in question were hate-motivated.  He admits part of that is because of the underlying principle of fairness that seems to be missing in Human Rights Commission cases.  “In the criminal courts, the standard of judgement is ‘beyond a reasonable doubt'”, Gray says.  “In the civil courts, the standard is the ‘balance of probabilities’.  But according to Madame Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé (of the Supreme Court of Canada) in Human Rights Tribunals, the standard of judgement is ‘the feelings of the victim(s).’  I don’t know how you can possibly expect justice out of that standard.”  Gray does say he’s more than prepared to go to prison over this, calling the case a defining one for free speech rights in Canada.  We have a full interview with Ron Gray posted to our website today. (Source)

Here we go again. This time the gay agenda is going after a political party and its leader.  I think that is really stupid. REALLY STUPID.  Initially, I was pretty upset when I heard this, but as I started to logically think through it, I came to the resignation that only through this kind of persecution and sham justice can things really start to turn around in Canada.  Freedom isn’t free and those of us who are on the front lines of speaking the truth can expect to get hit for it.  Not really sure when other social conservative leaders are going to get nailed but it’s gonna happen.  If a political party can get hauled before the Kangaroo court, then there is no limit to this fascism. If they can take down the leader of a political party, no social conservative group or individual is safe.  And we can expect these socialists to continue in their quest to eradicate anything that does not square with their view of the rainbow.

Two more things…

1) It’s pretty pathetic that Mr. Wells is threatened by Ron Gray, whose party will never be a threat to anyone or anything. What did the CHP get in the last election – 0.1% of the vote?  So much for the vaunted “tolerance” we hear the Left bleating about.  Tolerance for me but not for thee.  You have to be a very insecure person to be threatened by the Christian Heritage Party. 

2) It’s really quite amazing how the Left seeks to apply this kind of punishment through the Kangaroo Courts.  What they are gaining in some cheap thrill by persecuting Christians, they are losing in legitimacy and justice. That might not sound like such a bad thing to them now while they are getting their licks in, but sooner or later those who are being picked on will not accept the tyranny or the yoke of those who use the system of law to oppress them.  And that’s when those who are oppressed can no longer trust the government or the judiciary to deal with its citizens fairly. They will revolt and then things get really nasty.  If you are a Lefty, listen to what I am saying and think really hard on the kind of nation you are creating.  Because, even if we social conservatives are shoved nicely into the closet, just how long do you think it will be before you start using the Kangaroo Courts against one another to further your own pet causes?

Caveat Emptor.

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  3. If the HRC gestapos succeeed in closing odwn opposition thorugh politcal parties, what is the option for patriots who want to restore Canada to its former status as a decent country.,

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