“So You Brought The Whole Family”

The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants is a group of committed pro-lifers who pray for and counsel women outside of abortion mills to keep their babies.  Here in Ottawa,  the Helpers choose specific days during the month to pray and counsel at the Morgentaler Abortion Mill on 65 Bank Street.  Today was one of those days.

Last Sunday, in my parish’s announcements, the parishioners of St. Maurice were encouraged to take up the 10-11AM slot for the June 24th vigil.

For some reason, I felt it was necessary to be there today, not only myself, but my whole family as well.  So I took the day off work and brought my whole family down to Ground Zero at 65 Bank Street.  We’ve never been there together as a family to pray.  We do the March every year on Parliament Hill.  We participate in the LifeChain at the nearest intersection to our Parish every year, too.  We’ve even been to Ground Zero during the 40 Days campaigns, but always at the midpoint or closing rallies.  But for whatever reason, we’ve never been outside of Morgentaler’s Abortion Mill for the sole reason of praying together as a family.

All witnessing and peacefully praying outside of these killing centres is obviously of immense value no matter who does it, but there is a special place for the whole family to stand and witness together.  The reason is, of course, because abortion is ultimately the destroyer of families.  Not only does it obviously destroy an unborn child, the member of the human family, but it strikes at the trust and love within the family unit itself.  As a husband and wife ultimately find out after an abortion in their relationship, the pain and suffering is an enormous wound between them, not to mention the unspoken pain their children have when they learn about what their parents did.

There is a very strong witness when a whole family shows up to pray. You can see it on the faces of people who recognize the witness. It’s hard to pin the “radical” label on a family, especially children.  I noticed today, for instance, that there was an extra pause, however slight, than there usually is when I’m alone.  Even a police officer who regularly monitors the site even quipped to us, “so you brought the whole family!”  Families establish trust with our society and with those in authority.  They also, by their very nature and moral authority, bring legitimacy to any debate. It brings another dimension to the debate in real life…as if to impart the idea that “abortion really does kill Canadian families”.  Is this something that Canadians really want to support?  The obliteration of the Canadian family, and with that all the tragic consequences which it entails? 

The profundity of a family witness evokes hope for the future.  And every human being needs hope.  If there is no hope, there is only despair and death.  The Canadian family is the personification that life is worth living.  It is the emphatic answer to the culture of death that sees human life and unborn children as an arbitrary “maybe”.   You were lucky to be born.  If not you, then someone else.  It’s a choice after all.  The whole fraudulent debate over “choice” essentially means stripping and separating the unique personhood out of each and every human being, so that we are merely “biological material”.  That’s why a pro-abort depersonifies an unborn child into a clump of fetal matter, and then arbitrarily assigns them “personhood” after they pass the birth canal.  The witness of the human family of mother, father, and children, however, stand as a rebuke to this thinking because each of them is their own unique person from their very conception.  They are not merely biological material, indistinguishable from one another, to be arbitrarily chosen to live or to die.  The fact that there might be multiple children in a family (as in my case, I have 4 daughters) also helps disarm the idea that conception is a “mistake” which needs to be “fixed”.  There’s no mistake when you have large families

There is no arbitrary life in large families.  You are not a “maybe” or worse a “no”.  You are a “yes” — yesterday, today, and forever.

The family stands together and united in one mind and purpose, without giving up their own unique personhoods.  This is the essence of our Trinitarian faith.  It is a living sign of love but also a rebuke to the act of abortion which seeks to separate and kill life and love.

What the enemy seeks to divide, we must seek to unite and show that living unity on the streets outside of the killing centres.

2 thoughts on ““So You Brought The Whole Family”

  1. Dehumanizing and killing children in their mother’s wombs is diabolical. To see a family as a unit stand up for the sanctity of life during this holocaust is refreshing, and beautiful. Blessings.

  2. thanks, now I understand the outrageous indignation we receive when my children and I witness for the unborn. God bless.

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