So far, the Synod is an instrument of anti-evangelization

To be fair, the relatio post disceptationem released on October 13 did devote some attention to the challenge of evangelizing people whose lives are at odds with the Christian vision of marriage and family life—gradually drawing them along, helping them to perceive the truth. But that interim document still focused on problems rather than solutions.

Equally important, the relatio—especially as it was filtered through the mass media—conveyed the impression to the general public that the Catholic Church is preparing to accept irregular living arrangements, to relax her opposition to various forms of sinful conduct. As that message spreads, it becomes increasingly difficult to proclaim the truth about human sexuality. Thus the first concrete product of the Synod may actually make evangelization more difficult. (Source)

Bingo. Even if the faithful bishops and cardinals manage to win the day and obtain a good final document, so much damage has been done that it will take a herculean effort to undo.

But it’s even more complicated than that. The faithful bishops and cardinals are still on the defensive, being forced to work from the lame relatio document. In the meantime, the mainstream media gets to paint them as retrograde pushers of the status quo, who have risen up to oppose the mercy and openness of Cardinal Kasper et al.

Hardly a platform for evangelization.

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