Smashing Canadian Smuggery

Listen to how Mark Steyn gently disarms the typical liberal tripe that these reporters throw at him. It’s like a professor correcting one of his students.

I got a kick at the reaction after the last question was asked. The reporters looked at one another and knew they’d just been in the presence of someone who knew what the hell he was talking about (and they did not).

10 thoughts on “Smashing Canadian Smuggery

  1. Oh, my stars!

    I’m a U.S. citizen. I have to tell you that everything I’ve read about your Human Rights Tribunals, most especially the one adjudicating the Steyn article, makes me believe your country is an asylum run by lunatics.

    Having said that, we also have many lunatics and they are ascending to positions of power. You are providing us with very useful lessons.

  2. Steyn in his usual intelligent and witty way answering reporters questions and in so doing demolishing their preconceived notions regarding the ‘case’. That this article can come before an HRC in Canada as a serious issue because someone or group is alleged to have essentially ‘hurt feelings’, is an abomination in our country. When people such as Alan Borovoy of the Civil Liberties Association has come to realize that these HRC’s have gone way beyond their originally intended mandates, then the time has come to have the governement rein them in. It is an insult that our federal government has until recently not even noticed the issue and now is punting it to a toothless commitee.

  3. Sorry Mark, but I wasn’t listening to you because it’s all been said before…enough, actually, that the news hounds really needn’t hear it from you for the 10 millionth time (unless, of course, you happen to be a smug lefist scribbler who can live in a cave and still pontificate on world events second hand because your ideology tells you what the facts are)

    …what I watched was the media direction of the conversation ( no they were not questioning, they were positing ideological prejudiced distortions and expecting you to confirm them)….particularly the fellow in the red (fitting color for a TO Star propagandist) what’s up with this guy? Stuck on stupid doesn’t begin to describe his dogmatism….he was convinced that that article and Steyn were the fomentors of some vast race war raging in the minds of the multicult pundity, yet he disavows Steyn’s premise of silent ideological hegemony in the book…duhhhh!

    With this being any indication of the ensconsed, ideologically smug, status quo zealoty that passes for Canadian Journalism, I’m under no illusions why an absurdity like what happened in the BC trial room was allowed to take place.

    These people want to validate that ideological absurdity and ignore it’s inherent dangers to free speech and a free media…It does us no good to say; “Steyn was right” when (if allowed to expand) the insidious sophistry of HRC witch hunting comes back to bite these smug scribblers in their apathetic butts.

  4. Jeannette,

    Greetings from Ground Zero of the Kangaroo Court fiasco. As a Vancouver resident, I am sickened and deeply embarrassed about what transpired this past week.

    Thank you for your interest in this terrible saga in my country’s history. I’m glad that you, as an American, recognize that Free Speech in your country is perhaps not as secure as you once thought. Case in Point, take a look at how several of your own citizens are so quick to Throw Speech Under the Bus … that is, any speech that they disagree with. It’s truly pathetic.

  5. If Steyn is forced to out of the Canadian media by these Orwelian tribunals then we will be left with those clueless hacks asking him inane questions to fill the void. A free press, the life blood of a democracy, is under attack and these “reporters” are putting Steyn’s feet to the fire. They can’t take their ideolagical blinkers off long enough to see the bigger issue and the ramifications that could be one day be imposed on them.

  6. Steyn is loving every minute of all of this. It’s a win/win situation. Canada can ban him but who cares? He’s an internet superstar & this persecution is only burnishing his image.

  7. Robert W. needs to be reminded that comments by American bloggers urging censorship and punishment for expressing opinions, whether they be from the left or right, do NOT reflect mainstream thinking or a comparable situation at the government level.

    Our Constitution’s First , Fourth and Fifth Amendments make it extraordinarily difficult for our government , at state and federal level, to even THINK about setting up the kind of “human rights” tribunal Canada has had for a number of years.

    Canada, it seems, has made an end-run around its own Constitution — something Americans simply would not allow.

    The total abandonment of the presumption of innocence, denying the absolute defense of “truth”, tossing out the rules of evidence and procedure, the forum-shopping that allowed a case thrown out in Ontario to be brought anew in BC — travesties like this couldn’t happen in the states —at least without huge pushback from the population.

    800 years of Anglo-American jurisprudence, the precious Rule of Law, and a host of hard-won rights are being tossed over the side in the BCHRC. Shameful it is, but with luck Canadians who jeer at the US might learn from this “quasi-judicial” travesty some valuable lessons about what the loss of Free Speech means.

    For John T: thanks for sharing your vapidity.

  8. the latest, of many, disturbing things about this wretched business is the fact that, even amongst those who support steyn, none seems to be capable of writing coherent and grammatical English.

  9. Free clue to Rob Martin: grammar flames are NOT a substitute for facts and reasoning. They are invariably the last refuge of those who cannot argue “on the merits”.

    I doubt if you have the stones to make a case, but please, for once, try to do so.

  10. And oh yes, Rob: English sentences begin with a capital letter.

    See how easy it is to play that STUPID game?

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