Single Motherhood Not The Ideal

Aside from the typical liberal self-righteous justification that Ann Coulter had to endure from these poor souls, I thought she held her own and gave as good as she got.

Single motherhood should not be the ideal.  While no one can judge any person because of their own particular situation (and love, support, and compassion should always be offered to single mothers), that is a far cry from saying that the ideology of singlemotherhood is to be endorsed; that is, the idea that single motherhood is equal to or even greater than a normal two parent (i.e. father-mother) household.

To say that single motherhood (fatherhood) is just as good as the traditional family unit is to say we don’t need fathers (mothers).  Wait…isn’t that exactly what the homosexualist ideology says? 

The stats don’t lie, as Ann pointed out.

By the way, did you love how Ann put the smack-down on Fr. Cutie, the former Roman Catholic priest (who got caught on the beach with his girl friend) and now Episcopal minister? 

Yeow!  You go, girl!

3 thoughts on “Single Motherhood Not The Ideal

  1. This made my blood boil. I got so mad at the women insulting Ann Coulter when she simply states what all the studies show to be true – children do better with a mother and father of different sexes.
    Those women were jumping up and insulting her because they feel such a need to justify themselves, which I can understand. But none of that anger they showed helps their kids one iota. Kids need dads.

  2. Thank God for strong women like Ann Coulter who aren’t afraid to speak the TRUTH. Hopefully, the scales will fall off the eyes of the proud and they’ll see the harm that their self-righteousness has done to these poor children.

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