Silence Before the Storm

So today, I headed over to Ground Zero to put in my hour for my parish, St. Maurice.   Took the 7AM slot as no one had signed up. When I arrived there, however, there were already two people there.    Said my hellos.  Hung the sign around my neck. Pulled out my rosary.  And got down to business.

This hour had to be the most uneventful of all of the hours I’ve spent down at Ground Zero.  An eerie silence is how I would describe it – much like the silence before the violence that an unborn child experiences.    The people walking by are completely oblivious to what is going on just a few feet from them as they pass the abortuary, much like that unborn child has no clue that his sanctuary is about to be invaded and he is going to be ripped apart from head to toe.

No warning.  No preparation.  It was just another day in mummy’s tummy.  But there would not be another day.

So remember, everyone,  if nothing happens and no one notices you or really cares, if they think that you are now part of the street furniture, do not be discouraged.   Rather, prayerfully unite yourselves with that innocent silence of the unborn.  Your witness speaks more than you will ever know…and it will one day be the wind in the trumpet blast that blows over abortion in Canada.

God forgives, but He doesn’t forget.  The time is coming soon that abortion, not the unborn, will be destroyed forever.

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