Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction!

To: CBC Ombudsman, Kirk Lapointe


Dear Mr. LaPointe,

On May 12, during the CBC’s nightly program “The National”, CBC reporter Laurie Graham reported that 5,000 people attended the March for Life on Parliament Hill. CBC’s online article repeated the falsehood which can be read here at CBC’s website. (The same link above also shows the video of the report where Ms. Graham reports the 5,000 number at the 28 second mark of the video.)

The reported number was a gross distortion of the truth, since the real number of participants exceeded over 15,000, as the analysis in this blog post makes evident:

Socon or Bust exposes CBC’s gross distortion of The March for Life

As you can easily see, the CBC’s reporting is a gross misrepresentation of reality, and it once again calls into question the political slant of the CBC in not reporting the facts.

It is not acceptable for Ms. Graham or the CBC to rely on “police estimates” when those “estimates” are so clearly off the mark from reality. We’d like to get the details of these estimates, and when these estimates were made. Canadians are sick and tired of funding a media organization which has such an obvious liberal bent that it is now misreporting to protect its liberal ideology. I am afraid that this pathetic demonstration of misreporting is only going to further calls for the CBC’s funding to be drastically cut. If they are not accountable to the Canadian people, then they should not be funded by the public purse.

I am therefore asking you, in order to protect the public interest in fair news reporting, to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident, and if necessary, compel the CBC to correct the record on Mansbridge’s program, “The National” which originally aired the false reporting.

Justice and fairness demand a correction and an apology.

Yours truly,

John Pacheco




Dear Mr. Pacheco:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. It is the customary practice of CBC’s Office of the Ombudsman to share complaints with the relevant programmers, who have the right to respond first to criticism of their work. I have therefore shared your e-mail with Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive you may ask me to review the matter. Programmers are asked to try to respond within twenty working days.


Kirk LaPointe

CBC Ombudsman


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5 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to the CBC Ombudsman. Demand A Correction!

  1. A TABLET has been released at It is a “MAP of KNOWLEDGE” HYWY 101. Ther Knowledge will be spread around the WORLD and we all will see the TRUTH.

    The CBC and all media have been taken over by evil.

    The Beginning is at hand and evil will be gone forever.

    NO WOMAN CHOOSES “DEATH” for a “CHILD” unless they “Believe” bringing them into this WORLD is a fate worse that HELL.

    Make the EARTH a place for life give life, do not fight about DEATH.

    DEATH is not an option, so why do you let the DEVIL use it against you and helpless WOMEN WORLDWIDE?

    THE MEDIAL LIE so your message becomes a LIE TOO.

    USE GOD not EVIL to bring PEACE on EARTH, TODAy before it is too late TOMORROW.

    Regards to all who love life. I am pro choice becasue we do not GIVE WOMEN A REAL CHOICE, bUT I CHOSE LIFE FIRST AND ALWAYS. SO SHOULD YOU PEOPLE, instead of doing the DEVILS WORK, help women make the ONLY CHOICE, the right choice, chose LIFE.



    As long as you CONTINUE to hurt Mothers and DO NOT give PEOPLE a way out for their children, Mothers will KILL their BABIES to KEEP the innocent from EVIL. GET IT?

    YOU ARE KILLING BABIES with your misguided EVIL.
    YOU ARE KILLING BABIES with your misguided EVIL.
    YOU ARE KILLING BABIES with your misguided EVIL.


  2. I will never forget the distortion of the facts that the CBC had made concerning the March for marriage in 2005, including the lies about the number of the participants (reporting that there were only 5000 instead of the truth: 15,000 !!)

    It is just one example of fact distortion that the CBC has done.

    This must change!!!

  3. My comment is “how can you live with yourself after you have killed a living human being, innocent and unable to defend itself?” God has the last say, innocent children everywhere are being abused day after day and you are the one killing them. Change is necessary, 100% CHANGE.

    God plants every child in it’s mother’s womb, through man’s seed. He knows your name, who you are, because He created you and gave you life. Your life and health is precious to you and He allowed you to be born……think about the unborn child, you’ve killed over and over and over again. Every Child you’ve killed through abortion, you’ve taken life away from him/her…WANT TO CHANGE PLACES WITH THAT CHILD???????????? YOU’RE ALIVE, HE/SHE IS DEAD, THAT’S THE TRUTH, WITH YOUR OWN HANDS, YOU’VE TAKEN LIFE AWAY FROM THIS PLANET…..WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR GRANDCHILD? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ABOUT THE BABY BEING ABORTED THEN? THINK ABOUT IT, BECAUSE LIFE IS LIFE, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO REMOVE LIFE FROM AN UNBORN CHILD, NO ONE!!!

    One more thing, close your eyes, think of yourself as a baby in your Mother’s womb, you’re comfortable, fed and looking forward to life….then all of a sudden a suction cup or whatever instrument is used, starts ripping off each part of your body, until you’ve died, can anyone hear you scream in pain, NO, can you stop whoever is hurting you, and killing you, NO, can you defend yourself or speak about your rites to life, NO, has anyone asked you if you want to continue on living or if you want to die? NO, NO, NO!!! NOW OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE YOUR DEAD BODY PARTS SITTING IN A COLD METAL CONTAINER, WHAT ARE YOU FEELING NOW? God will be the judge of your soul and flesh for every child you’ve killed, if you have not repented (CHANGE YOUR WAYS, IN OTHER WORDS, ‘STOP’) confessed your sins of murder, and asked forgiveness. “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” is one of the Commandments, God wrote. YOU’VE BROKEN THE LAW……THINK ABOUT IT.

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