Sign on or stay out

Dr Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Church, caused uproar last week with his suggestion that the incorporation of aspects of sharia into UK law might be “unavoidable”, and could aid social cohesion. Cardinal [Cormac] Murphy-O’Connor, leader of the 4.5? million Catholics in England and Wales, begs to differ. He is adamant that such a move would only make segregation even more entrenched.

“I don’t believe in a multicultural society,” he says firmly. “When people come into this country they have to obey the laws of the land. […] It seems to me a government and a country has a right to make sure that those laws are kept. […] Of course you can keep the variety of traditions, but when you enter this country there are common values which are part of its heritage, which should be embraced by everybody.” […]


You could take Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s remarks and put them squarely in the debate here in Canada between those who seek to preserve free speech and those who seek to be exempted from hurt feelings, precipitated by victimhood religions and ideologies.

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