Cardinal Collins, Show Us the Meaning of “Catholic”

McGuinty is setting new records of defiance in imposing his gay agenda on Catholic schools.

Reacting to criticism from Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto, McGuinty insisted the publicly-funded Catholic schools will not be able to refuse a student’s request to launch a gay-straight alliance if his government’s newly-amended “anti-bullying” bill passes. Ontario has “fundamental values that transcend any one faith,” he told reporters. (Source)

The Premier not only demands that GSAs be implemented in Catholic schools, but they also have to use the name “gay-straight alliance” if the students request it. Honestly, I don’t really care what they call the clubs. As long as they portray homosexual behaviour as normal, we have a problem, Houston.

But since the Premier is so big on the use of specific words, Cardinal Collins should finally take the step of explaining to him what Catholic means. It’s time to excommunicate Dalton McGuinty.

McGuinty has a long track record of opposing Church teaching on serious issues. Without minimizing the issue of GSAs, it’s relatively benign compared to abortion or the redefinition of marriage. There’s plenty of justification for excommunicating him. It’s long overdue. This is as good a time as ever to get it done.

McGuinty is almost taunting Cardinal Collins:

“Cardinal Collins has his responsibilities and he has to provide leadership in keeping with his responsibilities,” he said. “But I have a different set of responsibilities.”

You’re darn right that Cardinal Collins has responsibilities. Now is the time, your Grace, to take a stand. Otherwise McGuinty will keep walking all over you and our children in the future. Excommunication might be the only way for McGuinty and like-minded “Catholics” to realize the folly of their ways. If not, at least McGuinty will no longer be able to drape himself in Catholicism for political gain.

This situation is screaming  for a robust episcopal intervention:

In December he defended his Catholic faith when his commitment was called into question by Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition. After Fonseca charged that McGuinty is “not a very strong Catholic,” McGuinty shrugged it off and told reporters, “You’ve got to do what you think is right.”

“Maybe different people bring different perspectives to that and different definitions. I have my own particular approach to this and it is the one that is informing our Accepting Schools legislation,” he added.

The Cardinal has the duty to show him that his “approach” to Catholicism is dung.

And then there’s the teachers’ union:

On Tuesday, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) took a stand against Cardinal Collins and the bishops in a statement backing the government’s amendment. OECTA said same-sex oriented students should be able to use the word ‘gay’ in naming the clubs because “the word speaks to the core of their identity.”

Something has to be done about these buffoons too. This is not the first time they publicly dissent. It’s become so commonplace it’s almost boring. If I was a faithful teacher obliged to be part of the OECTA, I’d be desensitized and immune to Maalox by now.

The Cardinal may not have legal authority to stop McGuinty’s bill, but he definitely has authority within the Church. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.


9 thoughts on “Cardinal Collins, Show Us the Meaning of “Catholic”

  1. If you are so outraged with McGinty, maybe the catholic schools should stop taking Provincial money. It would show that you weren’t a bunch of hypocrites. Just a thought.

  2. If Catholics are not taxed twice for educating children (i.e. once for the public system and then pay for their own kids), and they take ownership of all the schools in the Catholic system, then I would agree to never taking another dime of tax money again.

    Then I’d say: good luck with your public system.

  3. Suzanne,
    I hear ya on the double taxation issue. Unfortunately, I think that’s water under the bridge and we’ll never get that tax money back. I don’t know if the constitutional protection for catholic education would give the bishops any leverage to negotiate on that front.

  4. You are not taxed twice, anymore than someone with a burglar alarm is taxed twice for protection. You made a “choice” not to go to the public system.

    • Nice try. A burglar alarm does not do the same thing as a police force.

      It’s basically an extra curricular activity.

      The bottom line is who has the authority to teach our children and to have our own tax dollars go to that effort – the State or the parents.

      A good Marxist that you are, I have no doubt we all know where you stand.

        • Don’t get too bogged down with money or economics.

          If you actually read what Marx thought about the family, you’re exactly like him – you and the rest of the pro-aborts who dehumanize the family and innocent human life.

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