Show the Truth, This is a War

I was at Show the Truth on Saturday. There were about 15-20 people.

It bugs me that small kids have to see these pictures. Many parents prevent their kids from watching violent movies or video games, but their kids have to see this stuff. We had a couple of parents passing by that raised a fuss about this, in particular a father who was opposed to abortion but was also very opposed to these tactics.

I’m sure the disturbance caused by these pictures can be justified under the principle of double effect, but that still leaves the kids exposed, which is a shame.

What are your thoughts?

I can see both sides. It’s a ghastly business, but it works.
I view it as collateral damage and invoke the principal of “just war”.  We are willing to tolerate undesirable side effects to overcome a greater evil. Also, I find that the parents are usually more upset than the children are. Not always but most of the time. And the bottom line is that those pictures are the quickest and most effective way of changing people’s minds fast.  I hear stories all of the time. The problem today, too, is that most of us really do *not* understand that we are in a *war*.  We really, really do not get it.  If we really did believe this was a war, we wouldn’t be questioning whether it was moral to kill a soldier on the other side…except in this case we aren’t killing anyone but only showing disturbing images to end a massive slaugher. This is a whole scale slaughter on an unprecedented scale.
Besides, every Sunday my kids have to look at a gigantic image of a man nailed to a Cross.   Some of these images of Him are quite disturbing too.  I don’t see many people asking to ban that image…except perhaps the village idiot-Atheist.
p.s. I saw a girl after Sunday Mass who is involved in those Choice Chains downtown.  She recounted one event of a man passing by one of the signs.  One of the participants asked him what he tought of abortion. He looked at the picture for a moment then looked up and said “I’m pro-life now.”  Zing.  Results.
I also asked her if she had experienced any violent assaults.
“Not yet, just minor things like people spitting at us.”
Minor things.  Didn’t Jesus call it?  “When people hate you and revile you because of Me, rejoice for great is your reward in heaven”

4 thoughts on “Show the Truth, This is a War

  1. I know who you ran into 🙂 We would have been there but we were celebrating the marriage of two of our fellow advocates for life. There are few better ways to spend ones Saturday!

  2. Yes, it is an inconvenience for anyone to see the aborted baby photos from Show the Truth. However, for the real victims, the aborted babies in the those photos, abortion is far, far from an inconvenience- it is death.
    Why does the government put gruesome ads on tv and on cigarette packages- because advertising works.
    Keep up the good work! Jesus did not come down to Earth to make us comfortable…..

  3. Amen, Amen.

    I am a member of Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and I used to watch Defend Life on E.W.T.N. which is one of the finest Pro_Life shows around because it informs the whole Truth.

    Father Frank Pavone and Janet Morana who together are involved with Priests’ For Life and Silent Nor More Awareness, siad years ago and affirmed what Jesua and Mary put on my heart to show a picture of a whole live baby and then one after abortion.

    It is for children also we do this folks!!! Wake up.Also< I heard by Pro-Life doctors and others who are sensitive to this, that children up to a certain age (4 I think, cannot understand what the image is and realte it tio him-herself) unless of course the parent tries to inform them too young and in the wrong way. In fact if you have a parent who is broken and hates Pro-Life people they are going to instill fear and negativity in their own children. Teach your children in Truth
    and love and when they are old enough tell them
    in the right way the truth about abortion and they will handle it fine. Kids can take the truth a lot more than their unhealed parents often.

    Besides, the babies have rights to have their photos displayed in this inspeakable horror that has become so commonplace in our sick culture of death, and that seeks to attempt to sanitize the torture of the most innocent, even referring to so called "safe" abortions. FOR WHOM????!!!!
    Speak Truth into lies

    I do it also for my baby Teresa whol never got to
    live because I believed lies.

    I wish someone from S.N.M.A. or a councilor full of turht and love who HAD been trained in apologetics and was likje Linbda Gibbons had been standing outside the Civic Hospital when I went to have mine. No One told me or showed me the Truth.

    What one nurse did say after, which will remain in my mind forever, was "Doesn't it feel good to have a "nice" flat tummy again?"

    THAT is the society we live in, and sorry I cannot think of a more important and neccessary thing to
    be doing on Saturday or anyday, for that matter than standing up for ALL LIFE and showing the Truth and praying, for at least an hour a day.

    This IS the most important thing. How does the scripture go, something to the effect of "and some will singing and eating and drinking" as if all was well.

    I am not called to that, when 300 babies are being
    killed everyday here in the land of the "free".

    Perhaps when abortion finally ceases I will feel at ease to celebrate my country's birthday, and recreate more. In the meantime…I must do what God Wills and He says Show the Truth.

    Thank You God for a second chance after almost dying in my sin, to serve You, where You want me
    I love and adore only You, Father God, Jesus The Christ and Blessed Holy Spirit through the Immaculate Heart Of Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary. Thank You also St. Joseph and All the Saints and Angels. Amen.
    Your little girl forever

  4. I have taken the approach in our area in response to these images of the bloodied remains of unborn children, by preparing 4 signs 4’x 4′ each.Two signs in English 2 in French. They each have one enlarged picture of a single unborn child. The single image on each sign represents an age of 22 weeks or 24 weeks or 26 weeks or 28weeks gestation.Each picture illustrates the details of development of the child.
    The single texts on each sign are either “Love is All I ask”
    or “God’s precious infants” in either English or French.They are
    Professionally done and are getting a positive response as we attempt to focus our presentation on promoting an awareness of the sacredness of life.
    God Bless
    Kevin Murphy

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